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Scottish estate agents- advice please!

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EddieReadersglasses Sun 14-Dec-14 13:19:15

Any Scottish estate agents out there? I was hoping for some impartial advice.
We put our house on market last week and have had no viewing requests yet. We are in area where houses are still selling well. Our estate agent thought would be ok to go on market at this time of year.

We are a bit worried that no viewings yet, but we know that about 50 people have requested the home report. So my question is roughly what % of those looking at home report then request a viewing? We have all 1s and EPC C so there is nothing bad in home report to put people off!
We are at higher end of the market which might slow everything down.

So should we be worried or just be patient!
Thanks in advance for your opinions

bryonyelf Sun 14-Dec-14 16:56:34

I am a scottish estate agent. Who told you 50 requests for the home report as that does seem a lot particularly when you have no viewings. Where are you? A week is no time and I'd never recommend clients to go on the market at this time of year - sorry. I'd have told you to wait until week of 5 th Janaury unless for some reason you really couldn't wait.

Are you sure it isn't 50 schedule downloads rather than hr requests?

bryonyelf Sun 14-Dec-14 16:58:47

Oh and is your agent contacting these hr requests to follow up amd ask them to view?

EddieReadersglasses Sun 14-Dec-14 17:55:45

It's definitely home reports- schedules looked at online is now about 2000. The estate agent we are using has a tracker function which allows you to follow all this.
We are in Aberdeenshire btw.
I'll definitely find out if they follow up any of this

EddieReadersglasses Mon 15-Dec-14 12:40:27

Hopefull bump

bryonyelf Mon 15-Dec-14 13:34:35

They should be following it up. Every single on of them and reporting back to you although the time of year isn't great and people may not come back to the agent as they are likely to be busy with finishing work and Christmas etc.

Fingers crossed you get someone soon. You say you have a tracker function allowing you to follow this - is this something they do or is it the right move/ASPC facilities. Sounds like you are with McEwan Fraser?

EddieReadersglasses Mon 15-Dec-14 14:30:21

The estate agent have their own, plus can tap into aspc stats too. Not the EA you mentioned, don't want to make myself identifiable by saying who, they are based locally though.
I will ask them about how they follow stuff up.
We are also going to run some press adds this week and first week of January so we can capitalise on any increased interest then.
Thanks for your help byron

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