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advice on building project

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ipsofacto73 Sun 14-Dec-14 12:56:41

Hi we have just bought a house, we are going to have some work done on it before we move into it.

We are having a kitchen extension, double extension at the front and the attic converted. It is likely that this work will be more than our budget.

before we move in, we would like all the hard building work done but we are prepared to move in with it unfinished eg ensuite not completed just sealed off, attic sealed off

our children are primary age so provided the kitchen is usable and we have a family bathroom we were planning on moving in after the walls are up and the place is livable

But having no experience of doing this am I being realistic? Any advice much appreciated.

Fingeronthebutton Sun 14-Dec-14 14:57:52

Do it. As long as you have elec/running water/etc everything is possible. Time spent living like this is invaluable. You get to know where you want everything. I know, I've done it, without the the elec and running water!!

ipsofacto73 Sun 14-Dec-14 23:19:57

thanks for replying. what percentage of the cost is this part of the work? any tips? and thanks for understanding my badly explained post x

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