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Beautiful remote hamlets. Outside Lewes or Chichester....?

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Somethingtodo Sat 13-Dec-14 15:27:14

Looking to downsize to remote rural hamlet with access to nice cultural town and close drive to stunning coastal walks......narrowed it down to outside Lewes or Chichester - can anyone compare the two and the coastline at each - pros and cons?

RCheshire Sun 14-Dec-14 06:47:09

I stayed in Alfriston for a period around 15 years ago. 15 mins drive to Lewes. Very pretty, although because of that very busy in summer.

Somethingtodo Sun 14-Dec-14 18:42:18

Thanks - yes always worth checking out on a hot weekend. Think we have narrowed it down to Nth of Chichester as think that the beach at west wittering is nicer than coast near lewes,

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