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Mayfield, East sussex & Gatwick flight super highway

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susanclaire123 Fri 12-Dec-14 12:27:55

Hi ya, a quick call to any clued up mums who might know anything about the proposed super highway that is being 'consulted' on by Gatwick. We are in the middle of a house purchase and the proposed super highway that would apparently but somewhere above Mayfield/Crowborough has been flagged up as something to be concerned about - does anybody know anything about this? Or in more general about Mayfield? Hopefully, Susan

Panicmode1 Fri 12-Dec-14 12:40:48

I can't answer specifically about Mayfield, other than it's lovely and I almost got sent to board at StL-M many moons ago, grin, but we are in TW and the increase in plane noise has been very noticeable this summer, particularly in the very early mornings. LGW denied that they were trialling new routes, but the local paper has been full of letters from people complaining about the noise, and the maps that they published of the trial routes were ridiculously wishy washy (deliberately I guess).

I don't know that there will be an answer for you before you complete on your purchase - they don't seem to be answering any straight questions on the expansion of the airport, but I think that it's likely to happen, so if you are very sensitive about plane noise, then it's maybe best to bear that in mind.

My DH travels a fair amount so although I now find it irritating that it's got a lot worse since we moved here 7 years ago, I think it's unfair of us to complain about the aircraft noise whilst enjoying living close enough to it to enjoy easy access to the skies......that said, when we moved here from London, one of the nice things was moving off the LHR approach and having quieter skies.. but equally we moved to an urban environment and knew that we'd have town noises so I feel that for us it's swings and roundabouts. If you are moving for a rural, peaceful existence, then it probably will irk you, and I would be doing some fairly serious digging about timeframes etc

Panicmode1 Fri 12-Dec-14 12:43:08

Sorry, what I have written about LGW is contradictory. They denied that there had been any increase in plane movements, but then published the new 'superhighway' routes, which were ridiculously wishy washy and the "Consultation process" was a joke....

I would probably try to contact one of the pressure groups directly to see what information they can give you on the likelihood of the development - there are several active groups campaigning against the expansion/development of new routes.

specialsubject Fri 12-Dec-14 15:49:19

the threat of the extra runway will never go away - even though the 'real' economics don't justify it. Don't move to the area unless you are prepared to take the risk of increased plane noise.

Panicmode1 Fri 12-Dec-14 16:51:00

The current increase is down to this new 'superhighway' though and isn't linked to whether or not the third runway happens - but yes, I agree, if you are supersensitive to plane noise, it's probably not the best location to move to!

Fergie29 Fri 12-Dec-14 22:50:34

Thanks so much for your help panicmode and special subject - this is Susan posting from other username btw. Yes the risk i think is there and needs to be factored in. Do either of you know seperatley about Mayfield primary? The local state sector secondary schoools? Also do you know of any campaign groups working against Gatwick.

specialsubject Sat 13-Dec-14 11:26:03

not a local so can't help with direct questions, but have a friend whose (beautiful) family home was nearby, in an area threatened by the possible new runway. Took 3 years to sell it. Anywhere else it would have gone very quickly for a lot more money.

there is plenty of campaigning going on but (same as those against HS2 and other stupidities) they will not be listened to.

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