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Smallbone Kitchen Disaster

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smallearth Tue 09-Dec-14 21:48:47

We have recently had a Smallbone Kitchen fitted in our flat and it has been a nightmare. The design is great but due to poor fitting and painting they had to remake and refit all the doors and mirrors, sink and plinths and repaint the whole kitchen. It took 4 months instead of 4 weeks and still isn't perfect, we just couldn't stand any more. Luckily we weren't living there, it would not have been possible to.

If you are thinking of having a Smallbone kitchen or you know of anyone who is - my advice is don't!

I have plenty more photos if anyone would like to see.

burnishedsilver Tue 09-Dec-14 23:54:15

Wow. That's a surprisingly poor finish. You must be so disappointed.

Madcats Wed 10-Dec-14 00:08:10

It looks so dreadful that I can't help thinking that you haven't had a pukka Smallbone. It is hard to tell from just 3 photos that could be of anything, frankly.

We had a Stonehams (possibly a bit cheaper, but still ££) fitted a long while ago and the kitchen designer was a regular visitor to the house when it was fitted..and then back to check after it was installed. It also had a big fat insurance policy covering it against defects (and I checked out the insurers as we needed to tweak a few details).

Fingers crossed that you can get the kitchen you hoped for.

smallearth Wed 10-Dec-14 19:06:27

Definitely a genuine Smallbone Maccassar. Below is the letter detailing the repairs they needed to do after we complained. We ended up with three handovers and they didn't finish until the 28th Nov. Just want to warn others not to have the same experience.
Thank you for your time on site yesterday to discuss the issues with your Smallbone kitchen. Please accept my sincere apologies once again for the inconvenience and disappointment this has caused you. However I am now in a position to propose the following plan of action for your approval in order to address and rectify all issues as swiftly as possible.

I have arranged for cleaners to attend site tomorrow. Our carpenter will attend on Friday 3rd October and Monday 6th October to fully adjust and align all kitchen furniture and to attend to any remedial works. Following this he will then go through the process of removing the doors from situ to be returned to our workshop here at Devizes. The glass will be removed from the doors in our workshop and we will also fit new handles, as required. The doors will then be returned to site and refitted prior to the full repaint of the kitchen furniture. It is very important that we use the existing doors as these have been manufactured specifically for your kitchen and their respective cabinets. To fully remake the doors would be a considerably longer process and cause further inconvenience to you and this is something I am very aware of and do not want to do. (they did have to remake all the doors they were so bad and they did cause us massive inconvenience!)

I have detailed all other issues we will be addressing to enable us to complete the kitchen installation as follows:

• Kitchen and bathroom to be cleaned

• All Plinth for kitchen to be replaced

• All hinges to be replaced

• All Mirror Strips to be replaced

• All shelves to be replaced

• All handles to be replaced

• Carousel to be adjusted

• All drawer boxes to be attended to by polisher

• Walls to be painted to kitchen zone only

• Wine cooler scratches to be removed

• Dummy drawers to caulked and filled and be painted in with furniture

• Face inner faces to chimney and outer faces with new cladding to give clean finish and substrate for clients tiling

• All back screw to be fitted to magnets

• Floor to be repaired

• Fully shoot in entire kitchen with full alignment

• Fit cover caps to wall units

• Change wall fixings for tall cabinets

• Shelf ferrules to cabinets be replaced where applicable

• Wine rack to be attended to

• Wall hanger cover caps to be fitted

• Underside of worktop to be caulked in prior to painting

• Paint on side of drawers to be removed

• Glass splash back to be replaced

• Underside of worktop to be resolved

• Furniture to be fully repainted.

Our painter Penny will attend site during the week commencing 13th October to rub back the entire kitchen in advance of fully repainting. She will be very happy to discuss paint colours with you and will provide samples as required so that you are best placed to choose a colour. It will take Penny approximately 10 days to fully paint your kitchen, so I anticipate that everything will be completed on 24th October. Either Richard or myself will be present when the kitchen is completed to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the works. (We are not completely satisfied with the works but cannot stand them taking over the flat any longer, surely 4 months is enough time to put a kitchen in a flat?)

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 10-Dec-14 19:30:21

That finish is awful.

PinkOboe Wed 10-Dec-14 20:59:56

How much did it cost? (nosy)

Apatite1 Wed 10-Dec-14 21:09:08

Bloody hell, I hope this kitchen was cheap, absolutely abysmal fitting and service!

ouryve Wed 10-Dec-14 21:13:44

Bloody hell. I think we'll stick with a cheapo B&Q job when we get ours done.

smallearth Wed 10-Dec-14 21:25:56

No such thing as a cheap Smallbone but dare not admit how much. The design is really good and they have repaired most of it now but what a nightmare. I asked them for a full refund as it had been such a complete disaster, they offered a 40% discount on any other kitchens or bedrooms we ordered from them. As if we would ever buy anything from them ever again!!
Think B&Q is better option definitely.

Apatite1 Wed 10-Dec-14 21:42:22

That's very disappointing. I'd expect a hefty discount for your troubles. Not good service AT ALL.

roneik Wed 10-Dec-14 22:09:31

I fitted my own B&Q kitchen 8 years ago and it cost 1800 quids , it runs rings round that
I had to replace the floating floor as well out of that figure. No leaks and still looks ok

Fools and their money comes to mind

crusoe16 Mon 17-Oct-16 15:18:01

Will update once I have everything sorted but just wanted to add to this thread, we are currently having an absolute nightmare with Smallbone too. It became apparent a week before they were due to start fitting our kitchen that they were running a month behind schedule. It has thrown our whole build into disarray. They didn't tell me until the last possible minute when they had known full well they wouldn't be able to fulfil our order weeks ago. I think I can already say I wouldn't recommend them though.

earthlypossessions Fri 30-Jun-17 12:08:49

Smallearth and Crusoe16 - whats the update with your kitchens? Did everything get resolved at he end? Smallbone are currently installing a kitchen at our house too and I might just about lose it too!

BringMeTea Fri 30-Jun-17 14:54:46

Bit nasty roneik. No need.

BringMeTea Fri 30-Jun-17 14:55:37

Ha ha just saw the dates. Doh!

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