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What colour frames for my bi-fold doors? Suggestions please

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HawkeyeInChaos Mon 08-Dec-14 22:16:08

I'm having aluminium bi-fold doors between the sitting room and the conservatory and I'm struggling to choose the frame colour. I've basically got most of the RAL set available to me and don't know where to start.

The sitting room is generally brown. Walls are ivory, carpet, suite, etc have brown tones, most furniture is a dark wood. Conservatory is white upvc, with laminate floor.

I love the anthracite grey, but don't think it will fit. Has anyone got doors in other colours they can recommend? Thanks

MillyMollyMama Tue 09-Dec-14 16:08:08

White seems good to go with the conservatory. You already have lots of dark colours.

superram Tue 09-Dec-14 21:46:10

I have sparkly anthracite and like it but maybe not with brown.

HawkeyeInChaos Tue 09-Dec-14 22:42:05

MillyMollyMama I am concerned that from the sitting room, white frames against the white conservatory will be too white. And that they would be a bit stark, if that makes any sense.

But I'm finding it hard to visualize. Hence my plea for help.

wowfudge Wed 10-Dec-14 07:11:03

I think white too, to go with what is already there. You won't notice after a while.

The problem when you've got such a choice is that you probably want to go for something different as you have the option. The reality is that the more mundane is probably the best choice.

Think about what you will do when you change your decor: what is likely to work with it then, or would you be prepared to have the bifold doors re-painted too?

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