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Dark beige grout for kitchen floor - am I crazy?

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fuckwitteryhasform Sun 07-Dec-14 21:55:15

So, I bought cream tiles these ones mainly as they seemed very cheap.
However increasingly I am getting obsessed by thinking grey grout with them won't suit out kitchen (cream shaker style, quite dark wood worktops, cream wall tiles). Would I be utterly crazy to go for a dark beige grout?
I am paralysed with indecision as DH once did white grout with v v dark grey tiles and 2 years later he had to spend days and days chipping it out to regrout as it was filthy.

fuckwitteryhasform Sun 07-Dec-14 21:57:06 these are the tiles

Flingingmelon Sun 07-Dec-14 22:00:42

If it were me I'd want my grout about the same colour, I'd go beige too.

ishouldcocoa Sun 07-Dec-14 22:00:54

I've had something similar just laid on the kitchen floor. Grout colour was called something like 'limestone' and it gives a uniform, if slightly grubby look all over.

No idea how it wears, as floor still covered in protective covering.

Selks Sun 07-Dec-14 22:02:49

Yes grout the same colour as the tiles. I would avoid grout that is darker than the tiles whether it is beige or grey...can't imagine that it would look good at all.

Littlefish Sun 07-Dec-14 22:05:07

Definitely avoid a light coloured grout in a kitchen. Dark beige would be fine.

Waterandtea Sun 07-Dec-14 22:07:26

I have a similar shade of tiles and I allowed our builder to persuade me to go with the grey grout, I should have stuck to my initial thoughts and gone for a beige sort of colour as the grey is just wrong and it's the only thing that annoys me about the kitchen. Go for the dark beige colour.

fuckwitteryhasform Sun 07-Dec-14 22:17:27

Ahh thanks all sorry to hear your grout annoys you waterandtea - I don't want to make the same mistake as the the white grout grey tiles disaster. I never knew there were so many shades of grout, had an exciting ten minutes looking at grout colour charts in Topps Toles the other day. I shall return there to get the dark beige.

CointreauVersial Sun 07-Dec-14 22:20:15

Definitely don't go with pale/cream/matching grout because it will stain where people walk. Beige sounds better.

PigletJohn Mon 08-Dec-14 00:45:39

darker than tiles is better. It soon will be anyway, as soon as people walk on it, so you might as well start dark and have it the same colour all over.

Tiles don't hold dirt, and are easy to clean.

Grout, the opposite.

LillyHammer Mon 08-Dec-14 02:02:36

Why don't you seal the grout - that's what we did, simple, cheap and it does the trick.

burnishedsilver Mon 08-Dec-14 08:37:38

The voice of experience after being mired in indesicion......Either grout would look fine. Tbh you probably wont notice which it is once it's down.

december12 Mon 08-Dec-14 08:54:25

The most important thing is that it is not a light colour. Grey is the popular colour for a reason. Beige would be OK if it's dark enough, or brown? Really, really, don't get cream to match the tiles.

HaveToWearHeels Mon 08-Dec-14 15:45:36

we have cream polished porcelain tiles in our hall and kitchen along with cream grout, add to that mix a large dog and a 5 year old. I get down on my hand and knee's once a year a scrub the grout with HG grout cleaner, other than that it looks fine (everyone comments on what a lovely floor). Do not go for grey grout you will regret it every time you look at it.

callow Mon 08-Dec-14 19:56:07

I have beige tiles with a medium grey grout.

I specifically chose a darker colour.

mandy214 Tue 09-Dec-14 08:37:14

Can only speak from bathroom experience - imagine a kitchen would be 10 times worse. Never ever have light grout. It will look grubby in a matter of weeks. It depends how dark the beige is but I would go with quite a dark beige and not worry about it matching the tiles.

fuckwitteryhasform Tue 09-Dec-14 10:15:47

Callow your tiles look lovely but now I am thinking my tiles are wrong and if I'd bought rectangular tiles they would look better with grey grout, it's the square tiles grey grout look I don't like! I think there is probably not much between pale grey or dark beige (will end up looking the same sludge colour anyway?), and the same with my cream wall tiles. Back to look at grout samples!!

Selks Tue 09-Dec-14 12:00:14

Callow your floor is lovely, where did you get the tiles?

callow Tue 09-Dec-14 14:19:06

This picture was the inspiration for the floor tiles.

The tiles were from a small company in the South West, Tile Wise. They are Italian but I don't know the name. When I was buying them even the head office couldn't tell me the manufacturer or style.

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