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New Build Documentation

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papalazaru Sun 07-Dec-14 10:06:27

We moved in to a new build last July. I am still chasing my solicitor to get the NHBC certificate/guarantee which is making me nervous. She says she has it but I've been emailing for weeks now to get it sent to me. This has started me thinking as we have never bought a new build before are there any other documents like building regs and energy certificates etc which we should have?? (Since buying our 'reliable' builder has been a bit reticent to sort out snagging)

specialsubject Sun 07-Dec-14 11:22:50

funny, that...builder loses interest once paid...

you need building regs for any appliance that generates heat (boiler etc) and certification for double-glazed windows. You should probably also have an EPC although they are fairly useless. Check that the building regs info has been lodged with your council.

phone your solicitor (who will also have lost interest) and tell her you want the documents in the post TODAY. If ignored, raise a complaint with her boss, or go to the appropriate authority if still ignored.

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