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Dh says neighbour can't put a ladder up his wall from our garden.

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VivaLeBeaver Wed 03-Dec-14 20:02:54

We live in a semi. Next door have extended their rear so it sticks out further than ours. Was done before we moved in.

It looks to me like they have extended right up to the boundary line. Ie the external wall extension is in line with the dividing party wall. Though neighbour reckons he's 4" inside his boundary. He really isn't. I've even counted bricks along the wall to check.

Anyway, doesn't other me if he's right up to the boundary. Though he has got some pipes which come out the side of his extension, so technically I think they're on our land. I have pointed this out to I'm as we're one day thinking of extending and obviously would want to go right up to our boundary. But he didnt seem bothered.

Anyway saw him yesterday and he said they're replacing the extractor fan in the bathroom and need to put a ladder in our garden for access. I said fine, so he's going to do it in next few days.

Mentioned it to dh who's not happy. Their current fan is on the wall that faces down their garden rather than into ours. Dh pointed out if they're wanting a ladder in our garden it must be to have the fan on the wall facing our garden. They're haing a new bathroom fitted so quite possible they're moving stuff about.

Dh says no way. Can we stop him seeing as technically its his wall and it will be up in the air. Is it unreasonable of dh to not want it coming out of the wall.

I can't really see the problem unless we build and totally block it up but that could be years away. And if we do build he's got bigger problems than his fan as all his kitchen drainage pipes will need to be moved.

Dh is worried about noise and smells.

ihatethecold Wed 03-Dec-14 20:10:02

I think you are being petty for the sake of it.

Bunbaker Wed 03-Dec-14 20:11:48

Your DH is doing his best to fall out with your neighbours. Tell him to grow up.

VivaLeBeaver Wed 03-Dec-14 20:11:52

Ahem. Dh is being petty.

I told neighbour it was fine. Dh is now planning to tell neighbour its not. I'm planning on hiding. grin

VivaLeBeaver Wed 03-Dec-14 20:14:39

I'm trying to gather opinions so I can either go back to dh and tell him not to be daft. Or go back to dh and say that he's right, MN says the neighbour is terrible!

BaffledSomeMore Wed 03-Dec-14 20:15:28

Don't your deeds say something about allowing people access to maintain their property? Or it just utilities?

Bunbaker Wed 03-Dec-14 20:16:49

I think ours do baffled. I agree that the husband is being really petty and unhelpful. How is it going to inconvenience the OP?

Methe Wed 03-Dec-14 20:18:18

I wouldn't want someone's extractor fan discharging in to my garden due to noise, smells and aesthetics.

Tell him to do one.

VivaLeBeaver Wed 03-Dec-14 20:21:36

That's Dh's argument Methe. Must admit ideally I'd prefer it went in the direction it currently goes in. But don't want to fall out with the neighbours about it.

fasterthanthewind Wed 03-Dec-14 20:22:01

issue isn't the ladder, it's the fact that it is horrid having an extractor going into your garden. talk to neighbour nicely and ask them to move it? maybe pointing out that they'll have to anyway as/when you build, and it'll be easier to get it right first time.

definitely don't start a fight about all this if you're going to be building yourselves, you want friendly neighbours then, not foes!

honeysucklejasmine Wed 03-Dec-14 20:24:36

I would mention you are thinking of building at some point, but aren't sure. In a "wouldn't want you to have to move it later" way, but make it clear you aren't 100%. He can then decide where he wants to risk putting the fan, and therefore his ladder.

DH is being petty though!

Methe Wed 03-Dec-14 20:24:57

You don't have to fall out with him just say you're not willing for him to out it on that wall and hell have to site it where it already is. Smile sweetly at all times smile

Methe Wed 03-Dec-14 20:25:45

Why is no wanting someone's else's shit stink pumping in to your garden 'petty' ?

RandomMess Wed 03-Dec-14 20:26:31

I would ask why they need access to the wall? You absolutely don't want a window or extractor venting into your garden.

sillymillyb Wed 03-Dec-14 20:27:47

I would go back to him and say you just wanted him to know that you will be building up to the boundary line and so he will have to move it again if he is planning on repositioning it now.

Pretend your being all helpful and trying to save him the hassle later down the line, and make it sound like it's a done deal.

curiousgeorgie Wed 03-Dec-14 20:29:11

I don't think you're being at all petty...

I would go with an above suggestion and say that you're currently meeting with contractors about an extension and if the fan goes there it will likely have to be moved.

Methe Wed 03-Dec-14 20:32:43

According to this link discharging anything over a boundary is not allowed.

My neighbour had to move his boiler when he changed it due to new regulations as it the flu was in to our garden. I didn't know that was a thing and wasn't bothered as it was how we had bought the house.

VivaLeBeaver Wed 03-Dec-14 21:01:26

That links very useful thanks Methe.

They used to have a kitchen fan which discharged into our garden and the smell could be bad at times. Dh is vegetarian so I think the smell of bacon, etc which would make our house smell inside if our windows were open upset him.

They also have a big stench pipe coming out the wall halfway up and going up to the gutter. There is sometimes a poo smell from this and neighbour has admitted he knows it doesn't meet building regs as its meant to be so many meters above the gutter height and it isn't.

So I think dh is at the end of his tether with them.

Methe Wed 03-Dec-14 21:11:23

I don't blame him tbh! Talk to the council building regs team and ask them to come and inspect it. Environmental health might be interested in the soil stack issue.

If you google discharging air or fumes over party line there's quite a lot of info on the first page.

MoreBonkersThanBonkers Wed 03-Dec-14 21:27:30

I wouldn't want an extract fan directed straight into my garden either regardless of the legal situation.
I think you need to be careful not to start a huge war with your Nieghbours though. It's much better to try and sort it out amicably if possible.
I would also try to sort out the issue of the pipework that encroaches your garden if you are certain that it does.

m0therofdragons Wed 03-Dec-14 21:39:21

I wouldn't want an extractor fan over garden so discuss it but the rest of your concerns are really petty and as you say the extension was there before you bought it so you saw it was there.

TheWildRumpyPumpus Wed 03-Dec-14 21:43:31

I would never let anyone place a window, fan, extractor or anything like that on my boundary, as if you ever wanted to build there yourself then you could have real issues about 'blocking' their light/services (whether they should be there in the first place or not!).

Am definitely with your husband on this one.

Bartlebee Wed 03-Dec-14 21:44:17

If they build up to the boundary, they can't overhang it with gutters etc. the fact it's built may render that a moot point.

The regs relating to boiler flues are not the same as extractors. They can put it on the wall, but it would be better/more neighbourly if they vented it through the roof or another wall.

dotdotdotmustdash Wed 03-Dec-14 23:08:25

Go to a website called 'Gardenlaw' and put your question to them. I fear if his wall and pipes have been there for some time they may have acquired an easement in law, which may make it difficult for you to extend when your time comes,

dotdotdotmustdash Wed 03-Dec-14 23:09:01

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