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approval for mortgage when have family history of MS

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ataposaurus Wed 03-Dec-14 19:17:26

Hi, I am in the process of a mortgage application. They have asked for my life insurance and income protection insurance policies. Because of a family history of a parent with multiple sclerosis neither of these cover me for this. I am presuming this is not an uncommon situation - does anyone know if this will affect my mortgage application\? TIA

Lelivre Wed 03-Dec-14 21:12:20

Just going from my experience, (applying for mortgages) they usually want an opportunity to sell you their own insurance products, that's all.

ataposaurus Wed 03-Dec-14 21:38:57

Thanks, bit worried but surely most people have a family history of something - I am personally young and fit (I think!)

bilbodog Thu 04-Dec-14 11:33:04

Hi - i've checked with someone I know who works with mortages and he says that it shouldn't stop you getting a mortgage but it will affect you if you want to take out mortgage protection insurance and/or life insurance and you might have to pay more. Hope this helps.

ataposaurus Thu 04-Dec-14 11:47:28

Thanks - have got life insurance and income protection insurance which mortgage company want to see, but both put on an exclusion for ms as had first degree relative affected - don't know if this is usual!

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