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Building work in winter?

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BurbGirl2013 Tue 02-Dec-14 14:34:24

Hello everyone, we have had quotes in to have our roof terrace reburbed/new flooring and walls put in as the current floor is not level meaning we have constant large puddles gathering (the floor is over the ceiling of our kitchen). Our builder keen to start soon as he says best to have down before the winter freeze.

My mums just expressed this concern "
But is winter and the presence of constant wetness not the worst time to have this work done ? He says yes, because he can fit you in and it gives him a paid project. I have doubts and maybe you should wait until spring ?"

While we are keen to start the work so the current puddles dont get so bad they sink through to the kitchen ceiling we also don't want extra hassle by building work now/through winter with wet freezing conditions?

is there a better/worse time of year for these types of works to be done?

sacbina Tue 02-Dec-14 15:38:05

does it not rain where you are in the summer?

Marmitelover55 Tue 02-Dec-14 16:01:20

I think builders do this sort of work in summer and winter. I guess it may take longer if its wet, but as above it could be wet in summer too. If its a good builder I would just go for it as where I am good builders are booked up a year ahead... smile

newstart15 Tue 02-Dec-14 17:38:23

What work will they have to do? Strip current roof? I think it depends on the work but in winter there are additional risks such as frost or snow which does prevent some work from continuing and often building projects take longer in the winter. Concrete work needs non freezing weather to set & digging foundations is much more challenging in very wet or frozen ground.

I know someone who had her roof taken off for a loft conversion although large scaffolding was placed on top with rain covers but in the gales of last winter it all blew away. The workers couldn't work in high winds so they were left with a leaking house over christmas.The costs for scaffolding escalated and the builder and home owner went into dispute over who should pay.

I think you'll need to assess the risks and determine how long the house will be at 'risk' from i.e no roof. I would do some building work in the winter, especially if it's to secure a house from rain, but perhaps not start a major project.

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