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Twin wall chimney flue through the roof (listed house)

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tigerpug Mon 01-Dec-14 15:26:56

Bit of a long shot this one...

We bought a grade 2 listed house this year and we are keen on replacing a horrible (dangerous) gas fire with a wood burner.

Problem is there is no chimney. The old gas fire flue is built between the original external wall and a false wall, and runs though to an outside wall. Dont worry, we know its dangerous and would never use it.

We have had a HETAS installation guy in who said the only solution would be to run a twin wall flue through a false wall directly upwards, through the room above (with flue boxed in), through the attic and up through the roof to a safe height.

A mission in itself. But with our house being grade 2 listed, I assume we will need planning permission to do this, especially because the flue above roof height will alter the appearance of the house (we have no chimney at all in this location).

Does anyone have experience of doing this, or any advice to share re installation of planning. It was always a gamble when we bought, we didn't think we would be able to do it, and the more I read the more unlikely i think it will be, even with the more sympathetic black flue (vs stainless steel)

Huge thank you in advance

PinkOboe Mon 01-Dec-14 15:32:01

You'd need listed building consent rather than planning permission. There's no application fee for LBC. call your local authority conservation officer and have a chat. They'll advise whether what you propose is likely to be acceptable

It's odd for an old building not to have a chimney. Is it a conversion of some kind?

tigerpug Mon 01-Dec-14 15:42:08

Thanks Pink!
The house does have a chimney but its in another room, nowhere near the living room. Thats why the old gas fire is run between the walls - the original external wall and a false wall which hides it.

It would have been easier if the living room fire was against an external wall but at some point another house was built on to the side of ours. So the flue would have to run upwards inside the house and through the roof. Our conservation officer is pretty harsh, i will have to ring him but i am worried he will gives us a flat 'No' because it would visibly alter the property

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