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Persistent leakinh roof

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NotNowDarling01 Mon 01-Dec-14 00:40:48

We have now had three roofers out to do work on our roof and it's still leaking. The general consensus is that no one knows what the problem is. They have all done bits of work but nothing has fixed the leak. Everyone is flummoxed because the roof appears to be in good shape and there are no obvious problems. What do we do now? We are considering just replacing it as we are worried about the damage as the leak has now been going on for months. Is there anyone else we can get to look at it who might have a different approach to finding the problem- surveyor, general builder etc? Please help, we are tearing our hair out. It is didn't coming from the roof level and the walls and ceilings are soaking- on a damp meter it shows the highest possible reading. Any ideas welcome! also, can a roof be replaced in winter or is that a bad idea? I am worried that this roof won't over any protection against winter storms. Thanks.

PigletJohn Mon 01-Dec-14 00:59:05

my first thought is, how good are the roofers?

Did you get established local business from personal recommendation, or people off the 'net who may have written the customer comments themselves?

Do you know the addresses of these businesses, so you can drive round and look at them?

Did they work off ladders, or off scaffold?

Can you get into the loft yourself and look at the wet patches? Is it a felted roof? How old?

How long have you lived there?

What are the gutters like?

NotNowDarling01 Mon 01-Dec-14 06:39:44

Hi PigletJohn, thanks for replying. The first roofer was from the internet but the second two were from local recommendations where we had seen their work. They had both done work for several neighbours going back over several years ago we were able to get feedback.

They ask worked off scaffold- we have kept it up since the first roofer.

We can't get close enough to the wet bit to touch it but we can see it. It is ask felted and the section of felt by the leak had been replaced.

We have lived here for 2 months. We discovered the previous owners had attempted a fix which failed and then just covered it up. The surveyor didn't pick it up and it was in the height of the summer and the walls weren't wet. We are pursuing getting compensation from the surveyor.

The gutters address all apparently fine and aligned well. They are about 5yo. The roof is probably original (I don't know for sure) but replaced individual tiles or sections- house is 1930s. The tiles are quite distinctive.

NotNowDarling01 Mon 01-Dec-14 06:40:58

I'm so sorry for those typos!

Mulderandskully Mon 01-Dec-14 06:41:33

You can get in a surveyor- I think that would be your best and most cost effective option although sometimes with leaks it's really, really hard to work out what's going on and sometimes you can't work it out at all! It sounds like a nightmare though, good luck

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