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best height for light over dining table

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sacbina Sun 30-Nov-14 21:42:30

new kitchen/diner extension dining area is 2.7m wide with pitched ceiling raising up to 3m on one side

we've bought a Norm69 lampshade for a pendant light, 60cm diameter.

what would be the best height above dining table?

there is also a downlight eitherside and all dimmable

thanks smile

sacbina Mon 01-Dec-14 12:27:27

afternoonsy bump smile

HocusUcas Mon 01-Dec-14 16:25:31

Does this help.

We looked at this and I the real answer is it's up to you but between 28" and 32" above the table seems to be fairly standard advice .

Marmitelover55 Mon 01-Dec-14 17:44:23

Just measured ours and bottom of light is 32.5 inches above table and looks about right. Not good if table not there though as people kept banging their heads on it...

sacbina Mon 01-Dec-14 18:14:45

perfect, thank you all.

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