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Boiler replacement costs?! *PigletJohn* help :)

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dabchick88 Sun 30-Nov-14 21:36:13

Have been quoted £4300 for the below. Struggling to find others to quote who could actually do the work in time for us so wanted to see if anyone could tell me whether this seems a reasonable price?

To Supply:
- 1 x Vaillant Eco-tec Plus 837
- 1 x Drayton RF601 programmable roomstat
- 3 x TRVs / LS valves
- 1 x 600 x 800 S/C
- 1 x 600 x 1300 D/C
- 1 x 400 x 1100 D/C
- All tube and fittings needed
- Drain down the existing heating system
- Remove existing BBU and cap of the gas supply.
- Remove the tiled fire surround.
- Install a new Vaillant Eco-tec plus 837 within the bathroom.
- Install Drayton RF programmable roomstat.
- Install 3 x new radiators hall, lounge and dining room.
- Re-run a new gas supply to the boiler.
- Flush through the complete system.
- Add Fernox F1 inhibitor.
- Test and commission the system.

Many many thanks in

PigletJohn Sun 30-Nov-14 22:22:41

might be. Not cheap. Prices are always higher once the cold weather comes. Did you get a personal recommendation for your installer, and do you know their address?

Have you no room in the kitchen?

The flue will billow out clouds of steam in winter. Will it be in a position where this will not look unsightly?

As you are taking out an old back-boiler, the system will be filthy and full of sediment. It is essential to give the system a powerflush before fitting the new boiler. "Flush" could be anything. You will probably find the maker's installation instructions insist on it as a condition of guarantee. It would be best to also add a system filter to trap the remaining particles as they circulate towards the boiler.

BikeRunSki Sun 30-Nov-14 22:28:34

We were quoted £4000 for a Worcester Bosch boiler and 6 TVRs by British Gas. We got the boiler etc and a new themostat supplied and installed by a WB approved engineer (clicks on WB website) for less than half that.

BikeRunSki Sun 30-Nov-14 22:29:57

I'm bit saying those prices will apply to you, just illustrating how costs can vary.

poocatcherchampion Sun 30-Nov-14 22:41:42

we got a largish vailant (not sure of the make cos I'm upstairs) timer/thermostat thingy and one new rad, 11 trvs and a couple of other bits for £2500 last week.

and we are hot grin.

so hours sounds a lot to me

poocatcherchampion Sun 30-Nov-14 22:41:57


dabchick88 Mon 01-Dec-14 08:23:15

Ok so it sounds like it might be on the expensive side. Thank you for all your answers and tips PigletJohn. Are you referring to something like a MagnaClean when you say system filter?
I am in Southeast, near Reading, so if anyone has recommendations for someone to use please let me know and I can gather some more quotes.

dabchick88 Mon 01-Dec-14 08:36:38

Also would a worcester combi be as good as a valliant? I hear they have better aftercare and are a bit cheaper?

PigletJohn Mon 01-Dec-14 09:18:48

yes, something like a Magnaclean, though I am prejudiced against that brand because I have had leaks.

Sentinel, Fernox and Spirotech make good ones. I now have an all-brass Spiro (but I think they have been discontinued) which I prefer to plastic brands.

As for boiler makes, I am a "Which" enthusiast. In their recent tests, Worcester-Bosch, Vaillant and Viessmann were the top three. I have heard heating people arguing about the WB rating. I have a Viessmann, but they are not so common in UK, so check the maker's website to see if they have an Approved Installer near you. Better brands of boiler will have a 5-year warranty and a stainless-steel heat exchanger.

The most important thing is having a good-quality installation, of which the cleanliness of the system (especially if old) is very important.

dabchick88 Mon 01-Dec-14 10:53:29

Like this PigletJohn ?

[[ ]]

PigletJohn Mon 01-Dec-14 11:30:35

yes, but they now have a Spirotech Magnabooster MB3 which is probably better on an old system which is likely to have a lot of black sludge (e.g. if it formerly had a back boiler).

PigletJohn Mon 01-Dec-14 11:34:07

The Fernox TF1 is also considered very good.

The major brands are all priced around £100.

msfreud Mon 01-Dec-14 13:51:48

I had a new WB combi and 2 new rads, Magnaclean plus a wireless room stat (Honeywell) and thermostatic valves for all rads in October. I'm in London and it was £3800. I had an old back boiler with water tanks that needed to be removed as well.

Your quote sounds about right to me given all the extra work required like a new gas pipe.

dabchick88 Mon 01-Dec-14 14:18:03

That's great to compare msfreud thanks! I have decided to get one more quote and got a recommendation from the people in our local plumbase for a guy who is coming out on Thursday. Will see what he comes up with. But I now feel more confident with what I want and costs to expect smile

hissingcat Mon 01-Dec-14 21:47:46

It sounds quite expensive but I paid 2500 for a vaillant ecotec 2 years ago and that was just for installing the boiler and a power flush so by the time you add on your extras it may be right.

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