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Mum4Fergus Sun 30-Nov-14 14:27:24

Anyone used them/have any feedback?!

Kieron79 Sun 30-Nov-14 15:14:08

If you search on internet there is a very mixed response, I'm hoping they are good though as just ordered a kitchen with them for our extension that starts in the new year.
Experience so far has been fine, would suggest haggle hard, they had a deal on when we bought, though think it's the same with most chains that alternating offers are always on, anyway we manage to get a further 1k off and got sink, handles included also got upgraded larder cabinets instead of standard tall units.
Like anything there will be good and bad experiences out there!

BauerTime Tue 02-Dec-14 10:19:52

How do you haggle Kieron?

I visited the Wren showroom last weekend and thought the kitchens were lovely, but a bit pricey. I always hear of others getting things for free/upgrades etc but they never materialise for me!

Kieron79 Tue 02-Dec-14 15:45:24

Hi, dont think there is a particualr skill to it tbh. I would just start with a figure that you know you are not going to achieve ie way too low then work your way up from there ensuring you stop at a price you are comfortable with. When i reached a price I thought was reasonable I then started to ask for the extras, saying something along the lines "You are almost there on price but how about including...." again ask for more than you know you can reasonably get and say OK well how about....instead, this gives the impression you are willing to compromise.
Always ask to speak to the manager too. I perfer doing this all over the phone as you are in your territory and not theirs but thats just personal preference. Good luck.

Holly07 Fri 19-Dec-14 12:27:57

Hi. We purchased a new kitchen from Wren. ( Ashton branch ) earlier this year. The install began in June and as of today - 19th Dec, the kitchen install isn't finished! From the moment we paid the remaining balance ( prior to the install start in June) we have experienced the most horrendous and dire ' customer service ' you could ever possibly imagine . Once they had received our £7,500, it really was a case of ' Thanks for your money , on to the next potential customer now '. When we first went to the Ashton showroom we were impressed with the display kitchens and also by the kitchen designer who assured us that with Wren , all customers receive the ' hand held ' treatment throughout the whole process and that every Kitchen Wren installed gets ' signed off ' by your account manager once installation is completed and the customer is 100% satisfied with the end result. Oh boy, how inaccurate was that promise from Wren!
Most our kitchen units were delivered damaged and had deep scratches on the doors, certainly not the finish you want with a high gloss kitchen like ours . In addition to this, the ' protective film ' they use on their unit doors is almost impossible to remove and leaves a tacky finish . In fact , it is that difficult to remove the film that the fitter decided not to bother removing it from most the units .
With regards to the after sales experience - I am absolutely horrified by it to be honest. The designer left prior to installation and this caused us no end of problems as it unearthed issues with his original plans. I have lost count of the amount of unreturned phone calls I have had from Wren. This problem isn't just at designer / account manager level, we have received the same shocking service from deputy store managers and branch managers! After us threatening Wren with legal action in November, a designer from Wren attended our property ( for the first time since the initial pre install measurement ) and made a note of all the units that needed replacing. The fitter is here today to carry out the work. Although I have just been informed by him that they have ordered the incorrect size for one of the units and so will have to come back early 2015 to install that particular unit! I honestly feel speechless that one company can make so many errors. If i could advise anyone of anything , please think very carefully before investing your money with this company. We have 2 young children and another on the way and the stress of this whole experience has been unbearable. A new kitchen is a significant investment and I think every consumer should be treated with respect , and should receive the kitchen they have paid for and in the agreed timescale , not in excess of 6 months down the line!

Spickle Fri 19-Dec-14 12:38:42

This has been doing the rounds for a quite a while:

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