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Hacking IKEA Laxarby cabinet for use under a bathroom sink

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KreechasKeepa Sun 30-Nov-14 12:11:50

We're moving and under pressure to get our new bathroom in due to baby being due in 2 weeks and having to move out of our current house at the same time. Argh!

So, in order to save time on building bespoke cabinets, could we hack the Laxarby cabinet to create a bathroom sink cabinet and would we be able to paint it to match the bath panel and other cupboards in the bathroom?

Procrastinatingpeacock Mon 01-Dec-14 08:22:28

Ok totally uninformed comment here (other than that I have just had an Ikea kitchen put in so have an idea of what the cabinets are like). I think you need to check the following:

- Is the cabinet strong enough to support the weight of the sink on top? I assume this would be ok if you used one of the kitchen sink cabinets but not sure about the others.

- Ikea kitchen units are bigger (deeper) than other ranges so make sure it won't look ridiculous sticking miles out into the room.

- I think you would have to hack out the back of the cabinet to fit the plumbing. Not necessarily a problem but would look a bit unsightly when tbe doors are opened.

- Is the cabinet going to cope with the constant moisture of the bathroom?

If you have someone lined up to do your bathroom already then run it past them. Personally I would take the time to do it properly. Having almost finished a big refurb with a toddler in tow I understand the desire to cut a few corners to get things finished more quickly, but given that the cabinet is not an essential like a loo, I think it's worth the wait to get it done properly.

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