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Double glazing with thin frames?

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Mosling Sat 29-Nov-14 22:46:21

We have elderly, mouldy, scratched aluminium windows. I was really looking forward to replacing them until I saw how thick the uPvC frames are. I can't afford aluminium, so is there much difference between uPVC brands? The quote was a reputable local company, the small local companies never returned the quite, despite coming out.

Any thoughts? Who else can I try? It's 6 windows, one quite large and we're a first floor flat.

Also wondering how to get a large single pane window. The company who quoted said it had to be in 2 panes with an ugly bar down the centre, but we're not talking Grand Designs, just a large kitchen window.

OliviaBenson Sun 30-Nov-14 07:09:13

We have slimline units in our old property- very expensive though as they have more 'technology' to comply with u-values.

Could you save up for aluminium instead? I think uPVC is generally more chunky.

Check whether planning permission is required too- because you are a flat you might need permission.

specialsubject Sun 30-Nov-14 11:44:36

we had aluminium in our previous house, looked good but not sure on the heat transmission through the frames. It was done a long time ago though.

ask for the design to include 'equal sight-line' which is window-babble for 'all the frames the same thickness whether they are openers or not'. Current house doesn't have that, not ugly enough to spend a bomb replacing it but a bit sloppy.

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