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Mains piping and condensation problems

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Cabbagesaregreen Sat 29-Nov-14 10:08:33

Hi. We recently had a new boiler put in - combi- and after a few issues with little leaks due to increased water pressure, things seem ok apart from under the kitchen sink. The mains pipe comes in to the house under the kitchen sink cupboard. The cold water pipes were very wet and drippy so I've lagged them myself but they still get wet but the main wetness is from the bit where the pipe comes up from under the cupboard and can't be lagged as too close to the bottom of the cupboard if thT makes sense.
Is this normal and just something you have to live with? The unit is very old anyway do if gets damage over time it doesn't matter and eventually we'll get new cupboards and get someone too lag it better then.

Other question relates to our electric shower. It previously was fed by the tank in the loft and pressure was low so we could only have low power shower put in. Now pressure is mains in theory we could have far powerful shower put it but don't have the funds. Will the shower cope with the water pressure or will it slowly give up and need replacing anyway?

PigletJohn Sat 29-Nov-14 11:19:00

condensation on the incoming water pipe is common, but yours sounds excessive so I think there is excess humidity. Perhaps you have a damp kitchen. It might be from previous or still-existing leaks, or might be from boiling pans or wet washing. Pipe lagging is slit tubes of stiff plastic foam, is that what you've got? It should snap round the pipe with no air gaps, and be taped at joints. Pipes also get wet if they are leaking.

Get a few glasses of cold water, topped up with ice cubes. Do they get more condensation under the sink than anywhere else?

If you have an electric shower, it can run off mains water pressure. However the power of a new one is dependent on the current (amps) capacity of the electric circuit that feeds it. Look at the breaker in your consumer unit ("fusebox") and see if it is marked B32 or B40 or similar. You cannot increase the breaker above the capacity of the cable, or the cable will overheat. Electric showers draw maximum load for extended periods, so their circuits are heavily loaded. The pull-cord or wall switch for the shower may also need to be upgraded to higher capacity, they are prone to burn out.

Cabbagesaregreen Sat 29-Nov-14 11:38:25

Hi. I'm pretty sure it's not a leak. It's a diy job by me using the type lagging you've described but because of the joints and bends on the pipesive certainly not been able to do it in the way you've described so there are lots of gaps and not taping There is also a pipe going to an outside wall for outside tap which let's in cold air and I assume damp from outsid - it is cold in the cupboard and there is some staining from issues from years ago.
We dry clothes all over the houses as no dryer and the Fokker is fairly close to the cupboard and has a rubbish extractor fan.
Will make some ice cubes to test your suggestion.
Shower fuse says B32 and shower is redrings expressions 500s and has a push switch on the unit itself the a wall switch outside the bathroom which we never touch.

PigletJohn Sat 29-Nov-14 12:21:02

you can only have a 7.5kW shower on that circuit. If you would like a more powerful one, consult a qualified electrician (before fixing an appointment, ask which Competent Person Scheme he is in, write it down with his full name, and check on the scheme's website).

A bodger might put a high-power shower on a low-capacity circuit.

However, as you now have a combi, you can run a more powerful shower from a mixer on the hot and cold pipes, so no need for an electric shower except when the boiler breaks down. You might be able to change the bath taps for a mixer with shower outlet.,

Cabbagesaregreen Sat 29-Nov-14 14:38:03

As always, so helpful. The shower is 7.2 and was fitted by an electrician we use from checkatrade. When we have the money , as it is above a bath and we have the combi one, we will get the shower fitted from the bath tap. Thanks again.

Cabbagesaregreen Sat 29-Nov-14 14:40:42

Which profession would I need to take out electric shower, make hood the tiling where it was and fit the new shower on the bath taps ?

PigletJohn Sat 29-Nov-14 15:29:58

Making safe the old circuit is a job for an electrician, and electricians often fit electric showers, so see if you can find one who will do the plumbing bit as well.

If not, a plumber or an expert handywoman can fit the tap and tiles, but ask to see a recent example of their work.

Cabbagesaregreen Sat 29-Nov-14 16:09:16

Thanks, piglet john.

PigletJohn Sun 30-Nov-14 00:44:02

it's worth keeping a note of this company and putting "clearance" into the search box. There are sometimes bargains. Architekt is their budget brand.

I don't like the square style of the bath/shower mixers they have at the moment.

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