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ginzillas Thu 27-Nov-14 21:11:22

I'm looking for some inside information on Skipton, North Yorkshire. What it's like for families, schools etc?
We live in a buzzy market town in Hertfordshire at the moment, which we love. But we'd like to move north to be close to family.
I know Skipton vaguely as I've been there a few times but don't know what it's like to live there.
DD is two so primary schools are a concern but not so much secondary at this stage.
Also, is it a welcoming sort of place to new people?
Are there lots of groups and activities for toddlers or do you have to drive further afield?
We will have a budget of around £250k and would like three bedrooms and a garden.
Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you!

IamGrimalkin Thu 27-Nov-14 21:28:34

Skipton is a lovely place. It has a few primary schools to choose from. Two of which received outstanding reports from OFSTED at their last inspection (although that doesn't

necessarily mean that they are the best schools for your child).

As for being made to feel welcome it is a welcoming place. You'll find that most local people know or know of each other which isn't a bad thing.

There are a few little villages close by with their own schools too- Cononley, Embsay and Bradley.

There is a children's centre too that runs toddler classes including meet up groups and things like 'messy hands'. There are good train links into Leeds and Bradford too.

Hope that helps you a little bit :-)

Peter1234 Thu 27-Nov-14 23:47:13

Skipton is a great place to live, I won't repeat the previous comments but would second looking at the surrounding villages. Carleton for example is only two miles from the town, has a great primary school and very active/welcoming village community with lots to get involved with if you want to - eg panto, church, good pub, events like fireworks, gala, maypole, Christmas carols etc throughout the year.

ginzillas Fri 28-Nov-14 07:56:50

Thanks. That's really helpful. I'll check out the villages too.

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