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Idiots guide to buying and selling, can anyone explain the process for me please?

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dollyplumislotsoffun Wed 26-Nov-14 15:28:58

Hi there,
Im now looking to sell our first home and it was all so simple as a first time buyer but am a bit confused about the process of selling and buying.

We have discussed our finances and should be seeing financial advisor to get our mortgage sorted at the end of January. Question is, when do I put my house on the market/start looking in relation to this? And what happens in what order from then on?

specialsubject Wed 26-Nov-14 16:02:28

chains are certainly good fun...but it can be done. Also with the festival of sparkly tat nearly on us, use the time now to get ready rather than starting marketing. Solicitors etc close down from about mid-Dec.

you aren't credible buyers until a) you have finance and b) your own place is marketed and ideally has an offer. So first job is to get your place ready for marketing; declutter, finish off DIY etc etc. Get local agents round for valuation and advice, and to discuss beat them down over their fees.

find a solicitor - also get quotes, look at some threads on here to spot the common piss-takes.

then get the place on the market and see what happens.

once you have the chain starting to assemble, make provisional removal bookings, continue to declutter, start packing and so on.

but that's a little way ahead as yet. Right now it is 'getting ducks in a row' as the manager-babble has it.

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