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Bad decorating job

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NotNowDarling01 Wed 26-Nov-14 05:08:57

We have just had our house decorated and the decorator has now invoiced for the job. However, the lining paper is developing huge bubbles on the ceiling- several a foot long in some rooms. In one room the lining paper has started coming off the walls in three places. The seams are messy and very visible. There are also patches of poor painting where they have retouched but it looks a very different shade and patchy. I have given him two opportunities now to fix it and each time he has just come and sliced bubbles which just looks even messier. The job was £6000 to do the whole house and I just don't know what to do now. We can't leave it how it is. The decorator is arguing that we are being unreasonable and we can't expect a perfect finish as we have awkward walls and ceilings. Surely this isn't a defense, I genuinely think it looked better before the work was done.

NoArmaniNoPunani Wed 26-Nov-14 05:24:02

How does the 6k break down? That seems very high for decorating

NotNowDarling01 Wed 26-Nov-14 05:36:08

It was to line and paint all rooms including woodwork but also some other work- changing a few doors, removing some old woodwork, replacing picture rail in one room. I think the price probably is fair as it look three guys about three and a half weeks in total. I'm not so concerned about the cost overall as how I approach getting it fixed/what is acceptable etc.

MangoBiscuit Wed 26-Nov-14 05:57:08

We too have awkward walls and ceilings. High ceilings too, and lots of woodwork (picture rails etc). We had our hallway stairs and landing redecorated by a professional who did a fantastic job. There are no bubbles, and only one place where the seem doesn't quite meet (very awkward spot, it's been blended with a thicker basecoat). It cost us £800, plus buying our own coloured emulsion. We're in the SE.

I would ask the decorator one last time to come and fix it. You can't expect a perfect finish with awkward walls, but you can expect there to be no bubbles, that the lining paper stays in place, and for the paint to be the same shade (allowing for shadows). Imperfections would be things like bumps in the wall showing through a little, dings in the woodwork not being completely filled (our guy offered to sort all of them out, but warned it was labour intensive and would put the cost up, we quite like some of them, they give character, and I preferred the cheaper option!)

If he still won't fix the problems, I would look at getting quotes from someone who will, and would look at the legality of paying the £6k minus the cost of making good. I would also make sure I had copies of correspondence asking him to make good, and a warning about having to get someone else in.

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