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Splash of Glass splashbacks?

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Gozogozo Tue 25-Nov-14 23:20:28

Has anyone used them? Were they good?
Any other glass splashback company you would recommend?

Gozogozo Wed 26-Nov-14 15:23:25

gentle bump...

Dragontrainer Wed 26-Nov-14 17:24:16

We had a glass splashback behind the hob, fitted by the local kitchen company who did the kitchen. It looked lovely for a month or two - then DH put a large pan on the back burner, and it cracked a little. A second close encounter with a heating skillet pan and it cracked a lot . . . So, I wouldn't really recommend glass for behind a hob - the pans didn't even touch the glass for it to crack. We've now got a tiled splashback, and it has survived us using the back burner . . .

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