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Newly refurbed ensuite - condensation issue - help!

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EllieFredrickson Tue 25-Nov-14 19:34:07

Just had new ensuite finished. Approx 2m by 1.5m with 760 mm shower cubicle in recess as well. Shower more powerful than before and pumped. Extractor over shower. We squidee after and open window.

In the morning DH and I shower one after the other. Have noticed wet patch on ceiling in last couple of days. Now near shower but near towel rail.

Builder has checked loft and not wet so we think condensation issue.

Builder has suggested more powerful extractor unit but we are wondering if second extractor near towel rail might be better? Presumably this would need a second motor? Any advice (PigletJohn maybe?). Desperate for our nice new room not to get damp problems.

wowfudge Tue 25-Nov-14 23:17:29

Is the patch constantly wet or has it dried out several hours after you have showered?

If it's still wet, is there a pipe in the ceiling (just thinking about you saying it's near the radiator)?

Your extractor won't work effectively if the window is open. Ideally the fan should run for around 20 mins after you've finished showering.

EllieFredrickson Wed 26-Nov-14 19:24:46


No it dries out (and not wet in loft) so think it is a condensation issue. In fact convinced it is as this morning there was no frost so less marked extremes of temperature. Window wasn't wet (as it often is) and no wet on ceiling. About 10 mins between my shower and DH (he does like a leisurely shave smile - but today I used the squidee after mine even though I knew he was going in after me

wowfudge Wed 26-Nov-14 20:54:31

What extractor have you got and does it run for 20 minutes or so after you've finished in the bathroom?

PigletJohn Wed 26-Nov-14 21:43:49

if you can put a fan in the loft, sucking through the ceiling at the highest point and ducted to exhaust through the eaves or a hole in the wall, you can have an inline ducted fan which may have a capacity of 240 cu.m/hr, which is about three times the power of a typical wall fan. If necessary you can exhaust through the roof, but get a roofer to fit a special tile. I dislike holes in roofs because they may leak.

A wet patch on the ceiling may also indicate a cold patch due to loft insulation missing or disturbed.

Possibly steam is rising from wet towels on hot rail.

EllieFredrickson Thu 27-Nov-14 20:46:03

We have an in-line fan in the loft over the shower - think it vents through the old ceiling fan hole. Will ask builder about capacity.

No problem last two mornings (no frost) but also after builder went into loft and had all insulation up so maybe that's done something too.

Just looks so nice all decorated - don't want a damp problem to get hold.

We often have wet on the windows (house is 16 years old) so have finally convinced DH that we should try a dehumidifier.

PigletJohn Thu 27-Nov-14 21:03:50

have a look at the fan and see if it resembles any of these...

You will notice that some are much bigger and fatter than others.

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