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Couple of damp questions

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Secretsout Mon 24-Nov-14 16:51:02

House is c.1900. Large tall rooms. Was totally gutted/renovated 10 years ago by builder who we bought off. I think they had a damp proof done but need to check my files. Were getting some issues that i'm looking for advice on.

1) the cellar is getting very brown on the walls. Its spreading and worse in last 2 years. Last year we had 2 windows fitted over the openings and only close them fully in winter. Whats causing the brown and can we stop it?

2) we have got 3 wet patches on one room. Outside wall. We think its where our bins were leaning against and rain has dripped on top of them and its come through the brick and plaster. We moved the bins and when its dry it fades but any rain and it reappears? Can we stop it? Also, just got back off holiday and along the skirting on the same wall was a long line of moisture on the plaster. Checked outside and thought it was where a big collection of leaves had accumulated. Swept them away but when its rained its come back a bit. Do we have a problem with this wall.
incidentally, this wall is the outside wall where the worse brown is in the cellar.Any advice? And which tradesman can help me? A damp company?

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