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How much to re do a kitchen?

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PrintScreen Mon 24-Nov-14 10:39:07

I really want to get new kitchen units, new surfaces, new floor tiles and new range cooker. Our kitchen is about 4m by 5m. Any idea approximately how much a new kitchen costs? I have £12k and live in London, am I being unrealistic? Any recommendations of companies to look at (nothing too expensive,a friend had a new Fired Earth kitchen and units alone were £40k!!!).

WantToGoingTo Mon 24-Nov-14 11:05:05

Hello! We live in the South, outside London, but recently had a quote for units, appliances, worktops (no fitting, no tiles, no tiling, no paint, no plastering) from Magnet which came in at just under £10k in one of their sales. We also need to get floor re-tiled, artex scraped of walls and re-plastered, new ceiling, new lighting, tiled splashbacks, paint etc. And it was about £10k excluding all of that, and that was with us fitting kitchen ourselves. Magnet are a reputable company, but I wouldn't say they are top of the range, and the cabinets and appliances we were quoted for were their low-range (they had 3 price ranges when we were quoted, though they have now introduced a new lower price flatpack range). They were very helpful though and willing to re-draw the design and come up with ways for how we could keep the costs down.l Unfrtunately we have not done the kitchen yet though as our boiler was condemned so there went the kitchen funds!

I think £12k, in London, including fitting and tiling is unrealistic. I think this could only be achieved if you got a flat pack kitchen e.g. from B&Q or other DIY stores and fitted yourself, and if you bought low-range basic tiles.

A range cooker would also put the price up - I think they are aything upwards from £1500 as I understand.

msfreud Mon 24-Nov-14 11:38:18

I just had my kitchen done for about £10k in London. New solid pine units painted in F&B from Poynton Pine with a butler's sink and Bristan mixer tap. New appliances (freestanding cooker, fridge freezer and washing machine), the room was completely replastered and I chose a vinyl floor instead of tiles for a fraction of the cost.

I kept the layout the same as it's a galley kitchen so no electrics or gas were moved or altered.

MuscatBouschet Mon 24-Nov-14 11:42:54

Ikea is your friend in that budget range. You should be able to get units for under £2k there, then budget around £1k for a worktop, £1.5k for range cooker, £500-1k for floor tiles, £3k+ for labour. You can keep labour costs down by not needing to move services and by building all the boxes for the units yourself.

OliviaBenson Mon 24-Nov-14 13:15:52

Our kitchen is bigger than yours, fitting, appliances etc from Wickes- £9k all in. It wasn't their cheap kitchen either. If you are careful you should be ok- I'd get some quotes. Christmas is a good time due to various offers etc.

PrintScreen Tue 25-Nov-14 07:43:26

Thanks all. Your replies have given me hope!

UsedToBeAPaxmanFan Tue 25-Nov-14 14:48:20

We did a similar size kitchen with Magnet, from their mid-price range, All units, appliances (ovens, induction hob, fridge freezer, dishwasher) etc came to just under £9k. Fitting was extra. We didn't have any tiling but did need to redo the floor afterwards.

We looked at lots of kitchen companies but went with Magnet because they were very good at "getting" what we wanted from our kitchen, and working until they got it within our budget. Lots of places wouldn't even look at us when we said our budget was "around £10k.

So far we've been very pleased.

WhereIsMyHat Tue 25-Nov-14 17:30:12

We've just done ours for under £5k including floors, tiles, dishwasher, quartz worktops and fitting. We used ikea hence the low price tag, a chippy friend of a friend who fitted for much less than ikea ( the fitting was quoted as the same price as the kitchen cost). The ikea stuff came to approx £3k, they do super tall wall cupboard which are great if you have high ceilings. We didn't get one but they do amazing larder cupboards.

Another option seeing as you have a bigger budget than us is to buy the kitchen carcass' from one of the high street companies I.e ikea, magnet, howdens and then have bespoke doors made. A friend of ours did this and it looks great and over half the price of fully bespoke.

We managed to find quartz worktops that were surplus from a big job our supplier had done.

We're in west London.

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