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Anyone know the current NEFF range?

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MaryShelley Thu 20-Nov-14 21:59:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PigletJohn Thu 20-Nov-14 22:52:50

no. but try

they are part of the Bosch Siemens Household Appliances group.

AnnOnymity Fri 21-Nov-14 07:12:54

We have one in our house but it was put there by the previous owners and is about 5 years old.

I bought Neff in our last house (won over by the sliding door) and said never again, but ...

I don't rate them tbh. They cook unevenly (you notice it with cakes or things that require accuracy) and when things go wrong (our new oven door fell off twice) their customer service is truly awful . Disclaimer: it may have improved in the last couple of years.

wonkylegs Fri 21-Nov-14 07:48:07

Ann - I think you had bad luck because I'm extremely pleased with my neff ovens.
House came with a neff double oven which was fab but the top oven was too small so when we redid the kitchen last year we fitted 2 single ovens and they have been excellent. I've tested them quite thoroughly (love complicated baking & cooking) .

PersilOrAriel Fri 21-Nov-14 14:24:18

I have this one

I love it, use it all the time. I also had the previous model but when we redid out kitchen it didn't match the current range, so I sold it to a friend who also loves it. The builder also offered to buy it. The best but is the pyrolitic cleaning function. Every time you use that function it honestly looks like a brand new oven again with no scrubbing.

Theorientcalf Sat 22-Nov-14 10:15:54

Love the sliding underneath door on a Neff oven. I think we're going to get two, one of them with the microwave.

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