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Vacuum cleaner for builders clean

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Eastwickwitch Thu 20-Nov-14 09:12:55

the MN resident building expert Piglet John says you shouldn't use your own hoover for plaster dust & wood shavings because it blocks the filter.
I've been considering hiring one but they're about £30 from Screwfix.
The one I've seen is 'wet & dry', how does that work & are there any special features I should be looking for?

trufflenut Thu 20-Nov-14 09:26:59

Henry/numatic cleaners are great in this situation as they are very forgiving of whatever you chuck at them , lots of builders use them. Don't know if you can hire them.

ChippingInAutumnLover Thu 20-Nov-14 09:37:11

Henry << He's your Builders Mate. But they aren't cheap.

However, if you aren't going to be needing one very often, then you can generally pick an old hoover up on freecycle.

ThrowAChickenInTheAir Thu 20-Nov-14 09:42:12

Any time we've had work done on the house (kitchen, bathroom, decorator etc) they've always had a Henry with them.

My own vacuum is a SEBO which I love but I wouldn't want to use it for all the rough stuff building work can produce.

shaska Thu 20-Nov-14 09:44:10

Hen-ry! Hen-ry!

We bought one 'for renovations', and he's still with us and still marvellous. I'd just get one, if you've got the space to store him and then you've always got a 'mucky' hoover.

Or, like us, just your hoover for everything.

PigletJohn Thu 20-Nov-14 10:55:19

Screwfix wet and dry are canister vacs, rather like a Henry in style but bigger and noisier and more powerful. You want one with a removable cartridge filter (buy a spare) and you can brush it clean, and, eventually, wash it. Also get the big paper bags, which are the size of pillowcases. They are not essential, but they will catch a lot of fine dust and make the cartridge last longer. If spare cartridges and bags are not available, don't buy the vac. I can't see how the bags would fit in the small one without being scrunched up.

The larger models, with one cartridge filter included, and a power take off socket, are better value than the smallest one. Wet and dry means that it can suck up a bucketful of dirty water, e.g. from a flooded floor or a blocked drain. The paper bags are not waterproof, but the cartridges are. It can also suck up gravel, broken brick, nails and socks.

Aldi may also sometimes have them.

With budget-priced power tools, look for a long guarantee and a retailer that will replace it. If it has a 2 year guarantee, you'll get your money's worth.

Eastwickwitch Thu 20-Nov-14 11:34:17

Thanks so much.

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