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Karndean Flooring costs

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MrPickles123 Wed 19-Nov-14 19:01:32

Just had a quote through from the company we used for the bathroom. They were v. competitive last time. It's to floor the 25msq space in our new kitchen/diner.

They've quoted us 2.8k - seems a lot to me!! I know karndean is pricey, but the tiles are £750 online. I'm sure one shop said the costs of fitting and glue etc would be around £700. I was expecting 1.5-2k.

Maybe I should try to find a local fitter in Surrey/Sussex.

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 19-Nov-14 21:20:11

£112 per square metre does sound a little bit high, but your expectation sounds a bit low. I can't remember what we paid for ours, but if you can achieve £90 per m2 fitted then I'd think that's prob not far off the mark.

CointreauVersial Wed 19-Nov-14 21:36:14

We are having our bathroom done next week. The floor area is around 4 metres squared and the quote is £340 all in.

Yours should be proportionally cheaper because you have a larger area to tile (we are paying more for the labour per metre because it's so small). We are in Surrey but the firm we are using is in Sussex.

EllieFredrickson Wed 19-Nov-14 21:43:22

We've just had Karndean Alderney (which I think is one of the more expensive ones) in our kitchen and utility. 14.8 sq metres (so quite a bit smaller than yours) fitted with the tiles, screed etc for just under £1,400 so just around the £90 a square metre CantSleep suggests

OliviaBenson Thu 20-Nov-14 06:42:48

We paid £2.5k for karndean in our kitchen and hall. The fitting was more expensive as we had it parquet style.

Maybe get another quote but I think it will probably be higher than your expectation!

Twrch62 Thu 20-Nov-14 17:02:07

The cost could be to do with sub-floor prep, which is critical in all LVT installations, if you get cheaper quotes make sure you are getting the same service, there is a lot of difference in the quality of Ply/ screed/ feather finish etc. better to pay £500 more now than have the flooring fail in 6 months. I would also suggest getting everything from the same source, then if anything does go wrong you have one point of contact. The problem with getting your own materials and then getting a local fitter is getting problems sorted if they arise down the road, its too easy to "buck pass"

MrPickles123 Thu 20-Nov-14 19:36:35

Twrch62 you make a very good point. Thank you all for the price guides. I'll get a few more quotes in- won't be needed until the end of Jan, so some time to shop around!

HortenMarket Sat 22-Nov-14 10:47:34

Just a thought - a friend of mine who is a builder said that the best time to actually get quotes is in January and definitely not before as the run up to Christmas is always busy and Jan is usually quiet so you can often get a lower price. He said never to get a quote in November or December if you are planning to have the work done in Jan. Also we've had two small rooms (study and bathroom) laid with Karndean this week and it cost us just over £800.

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