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Colour ideas for a east facing (dark) small sitting room

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ChoclolateOrange Wed 19-Nov-14 12:48:07

I've just bought a new house and am completely stuck on colours for the sitting room. I intended, before I moved in, to paint the entire house white (probably F & B all white) but having been in for 4 weeks now realise this is a crazy idea. The sitting room at the moment has beige carpet and walls with brown curtains - yuk!

I have ordered limed oak flooring, 2 mid grey velvet sofas and a white wooden blind for the room. My thoughts behind that originally being some bright coloured accents and white walls to give a feeling of space but I dont think it is going to work.

I'd love some ideas please, and I am a big F & B fan!

Monica101 Wed 19-Nov-14 14:15:52

Farrow and Ball seem to suggest the greens for an east facing room. I like pale powder and parma grey which is more blue.

Lottie4 Wed 19-Nov-14 14:35:06

We're in a similar situation. The room is painted almond white and looks grey at times. I was thinking of a splash of colour (not very dark though) on one wall or the fireplace and perhaps a creamy white. Alternatively, and this may sound odd, but another thought I had was something like jasmine white which would be pale and hopefully help with the light, but at the same time might have a summery feel to it with the yellow. For me it'll be getting that balance of trying to keep it light, but also making it feel cozy.

ChoclolateOrange Wed 19-Nov-14 15:53:23

I like the idea of Pale Powder. I don't think anything with yellow tones would work with the grey sofas, although mustard yellow and grey seems to be a big decorating combination at the moment.

I've just found this article

The tip of painting the woodwork to match the walls is a good one.

Monica101 Wed 19-Nov-14 15:59:49

I am deciding which farrow and ball colour to go with but in 3 large north facing rooms. I am a pale colour only person, so couldn't go dark but it's a hard decision.

You can actually pay a farrow and ball consultant to come around and tell you which colour to paint your room! It's £175 so quite steep.

This article is the one with the advice on light and colour.

Deux Wed 19-Nov-14 16:16:02

Our sitting room faces east and I wanted to go for some shade of green. It previously had been shades of white/pale and it always felt cold and unwelcoming.

I spent a huge amount of money on various testers and just couldn't get a F & B colour I liked.

In the end I went with a Dulux Heritage colour, Green Earth. I really like it as it is not too dark and is very cosy in artificial light and with the fire on.

In the paint tin and it certain light it looks quite taupey but is definitely green once darkness falls. Our room is a reasonable size so I have white trim and a white wooden blind.

ChoclolateOrange Fri 21-Nov-14 20:58:10

I have gone with the Pale Powder. It is perfect. It seems to have the knack of looking very fresh during the day and warm at night.

Unfortunately I didnt get as far as the Dulux Decorator Centre to try your suggestion Deux but your idea really helped me too. I know they exist and sell different paint to those available in the normal DIY stores.

Thanks for the help everyone, you've saved me endless match pots! flowers

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