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Idiot's guide to building regs?

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shanghaismog Tue 18-Nov-14 14:28:49

Is there such a thing? I would love a list of the various parts of building reg criteria. I've been trawling the web but unable to come up with anything useful.

My main concern is what has to be done in a new build to get completion certificate. Completion certificate triggers final mortgage stage payment, so just juggling budget around to see what parts can be left until I get this payment... Any ideas?

shanghaismog Tue 18-Nov-14 14:29:34

Have obviously emailed building control but they're not in any hurry to answer me.

FantasticMrsFoxx Tue 18-Nov-14 21:12:19

The Scottish Building Regulations Technical Handbooks are here:

hereandtherex Wed 19-Nov-14 11:54:58

They can be quite complex.

Chuck in conservation zones and all that.

shanghaismog Wed 19-Nov-14 18:38:12

Brain has imploded...

msmorgan Thu 20-Nov-14 01:15:51

For the completion certificate they check that all work has been carried out in accordance with the plans that were approved, that the electric and gas have been installed by certified tradesman.

Access to the property, new windows, extractors, insulation etc all adhere to building regs.

Basically that the finished build is as it was on the approved plans and that everything has been done correctly.

shanghaismog Thu 20-Nov-14 07:16:57

Thank you. Access means I can't put off the landscaping, how annoying...

TweedAddict Thu 20-Nov-14 07:24:55

If you have any questions my partner is a senior building regs officer so please feel free to message me and I'll pass it along

shanghaismog Thu 20-Nov-14 17:38:25

Thanks Tweed might take you up on that.

msmorgan Thu 20-Nov-14 22:18:53

We're having to sort our landscaping now as for access to the back garden there is currently a 4 foot drop from the french doors. It's been more complicated than I'd thought due to the building regs re heights and handrails etc.

If you go on there are interactive guides (which my Dh tells me to look at when gets sick if answering my many questions).

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