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Telebeams- anyone with any experience of them?

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Clarabumps Sun 16-Nov-14 11:46:06

Hi, We have a 2 bed end terrace house with a truss roof/loft thing. Am I right in thinking that we could extend into the loft using tele beams? Our loft isn't massive but I think it would be big enough for DH and I. Dh is a kitchen fitter so is handy and could do all the other work himself like the stairs etc and fitting out the room.

i guess i'm just looking for any one with any experience of them really. We are on a corner plot so can't extend to the side unfortunately due to right of access.

We're struggling for space with 3 kids sharing a room and can't move house for two years due to DH needing proof of business accounts for two years.

I'm hoping this could be a solution for us in the short term. Any advice gratefully received

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