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Bathroom Lighting building regs.

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msmorgan Sun 09-Nov-14 18:30:02

Does anyone know if you can have normal lights in a bathroom if they will be situated outside of zone 2? I need two wall lights for either side of a mirror above the basin and a ceiling light.

MrsFlorrick Sun 09-Nov-14 18:47:42

In terms of regulation no you're not supposed to in Zone 2. However lots of people do.

If you're simply changing an old light fitting for a new one then the regulation doesn't apply and you can.
However if bathroom is being rewired and new light fittings placed then regs apply.

Sorry not helpful or all that clear. Could you not find anything suitable in terms of Zone 2 lighting? Lots available.

msmorgan Sun 09-Nov-14 18:57:22

Its a rewire so dh said the electrician has to sign things off.

Looking at pics of bathroom zoning the position of all the lights is outside any of the zones so I wondered if this means I don't need to buy specific bathroom lighting?

MrsFlorrick Sun 09-Nov-14 19:00:38

If it's a rewire. Speak to the electrician. As he is signing it off it will depend on what he is happy to do.

If it's outside the zones, you should be able to use standard lighting. Is your bathroom very big?

msmorgan Sun 09-Nov-14 23:15:42

I've asked Dh to ask the electrician a few times, he keeps forgetting. I'll try and catch him tomorrow and ask him

The bathrooms not big, 2.4 x 2 metres. I've googled and I think that as the wall lights are over 60cm away from the tap they don't need to be bathroom lights and the ceiling light should be ok as that's out of all the zones as well. I'll check just in case its still a better idea to use bathroom lights.

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