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Source individual tradesmen for various jobs or pay more for someone to manage it all?

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kungfooweetie Sat 08-Nov-14 17:08:06

Our house is finally due to complete next week!

We were racing to move in before Christmas but were given pause when we discovered the house needs to be completely rewired. Our budget and Timeframe has taken a knock.

I've had 3 quotes from people on MyBuilder- obviously though, they're not doing all the work themselves. The jobs vary from plastering, to floor sanding, some joinery in the kitchen, chimney sweeping...

We're trying to decide if we:

Stretch ourselves and pay one of these tradesmen to oversee the work and maybe get in before Christmas (not being sure of what quality floor/wall work we'll get,


Outsource individually to various tradesman, being sure of their quality of work, taking longer, saving some money, but delaying the move by another month (which will cost us in rent)

Has anyone done either of these things and wished they went the other route?

Nepotism Sat 08-Nov-14 17:32:40

I'm in the middle of this at the moment. Things to think about:
Have you got time to project manage all this? I'm doing it alone on top of a full time job and it's very difficult. My lovely boss doesn't mind my dashing off every time I'm needed but I feel guilty. Scheduling people in the right order is a nightmare. My plumber is two weeks late starting and that will have a knock on effect on the tiler, plasterer and decorator.

How much notice do you have to give in your rental? I'd stay in rented if it's only a month. I'm renting one grotty room and all my stuff is in storage. It's really getting me down.

I'd always go on personal recommendation. My builder got me a plumber, the plumber suggested a tiler. Much easier with people who know each other as they seem happier to work round each other.

I could go on for hours!

SASASI Sat 08-Nov-14 18:55:32

I'll me managing ours myself but my I'm on maternity leave & property is around the corner from where I live.

My dad is retired & will be playing a large role in the rennovation too - thankfully as I don't know much!

If it wasn't for these 2 factors I would probably pay extra for someone else to oversee. We know who we want to use for plumber, plasterer & joiner who have all agreed at min, just need builder & electrician.

cooper44 Sat 08-Nov-14 21:11:56

I'm also doing this at the moment - I'm self employed so fine to dash off to B&Q to get flooring or whatever but it's very time-consuming - there's always some issue.
Also you need to be really on it - today for example I realised that the plasterers have boarded and plastered a wall that the plumber needs to have open for more plumbing work. So now it needs to be taken out, Annoying. And I am pretty organised. So you need to be very aware of exactly what's required. I think with the next lot of renovation I'd rather just have one firm.

kungfooweetie Sun 09-Nov-14 10:49:50

Thanks, you creeping feeling of anxiety and dread feel completely justified now.

Marmitelover55 Sun 09-Nov-14 13:26:56

Out builder co-ordinated most if the trades and I managed the rest. Pretty much all of fix things went well, but mine less so e.g windows took longer to come than anticipated which had a knock on effect on plasterers and I cocked up the date for be floor and kitchen. Thankfully managed to get it all sorted ok in the end and we live the result. I am part-time and self employed, so was also able to nip our to B&Q as and when necessary....

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