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Exwick for Student Living?

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Mohandissa Sat 08-Nov-14 04:33:03

I currently live overseas but I am looking to buy a property in Exeter to let to students. Opinions on suitability of Exwick area (south/east only) would be appreciated.
Do students live here?
Is Exwick an area where it is safe to walk at night?
Where are the local convenience stores (I cannot find details online) and cheap takeaways?

Thanks x

ShanghaiDiva Sat 08-Nov-14 05:09:01

I think it's too far from the university as it's on the other side of the city. Pennsylvania is much nearer.

pinkbear82 Sat 08-Nov-14 05:30:27

Exwick probably isn't the area most students would be in. It's a family area, which maybe makes it quieter than most student filled areas!
20 min walk and you would be at the campus. It is close to St Davids train station.

Closer areas would be St James for the main campus.

Mohandissa Sat 08-Nov-14 06:00:37

Thanks for the responses I will also look at st james area.

titchypumpkin Sat 08-Nov-14 18:46:43

Yup I echo pp, Exwick is not a student area. Look at St James, and Monks Road area.

Most of Exeter is safe to walk at night it's a pretty safe city on the whole.

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