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Painters, is it possible for me to specify a colour of satin paint?

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Mocked Fri 07-Nov-14 12:35:12

I have been looking for a particular colour paint for our internal doors. I definitely want satin rather than gloss (I want it as matt as possible) and I thought I had found the perfect paint - Valspar Fresh Narcissus. However, now I can't see that they do that in satin (having trouble with the website).

Is it possible to get a specially mixed-up satin or is it just the regular matt that you can specify?


IssyStark Fri 07-Nov-14 12:37:51

You can get any of the standard finishes, such as satin, in colour match at most big DIY shops.

Mocked Fri 07-Nov-14 12:41:20

Oo, can you? Thanks so much!

OK, dare I start the debate of which brand of colour mixes would be best for a novice painting (rollering) doors?

PigletJohn Fri 07-Nov-14 15:06:40

Dulux has an enormous range of colours that are widely available. With some exceptions, you can get matt, sink, satin and gloss in the same colour; although the difference in texture means that when they are next to each other, e.g. a radiator on a wall, they don't look quite the same. But if you do a ceiling and a door in the same colour, you will probably not notice it because they are not contiguous.

Mocked Fri 07-Nov-14 15:12:23

Thanks Piglet. I can't find the colour I want in the Dulux range so that's why I was thinking I might need a matcher.

Do you know what the Valspar range are like? Googling general reviews it looks appalling, on here it looks fab! I am very confused....

PigletJohn Fri 07-Nov-14 16:37:24


Are you looking at a booklet, or the stand of sample cards in a mixing shop?

Mocked Fri 07-Nov-14 21:53:05

The sample cards... (Why are you shocked)

PigletJohn Fri 07-Nov-14 23:54:18

because there are so many!

they (used to?) have an online tool where you place a sample matcher against a colour you like, photograph it, and upload your digital photo for colour analysis. I have never tried it though.

Mocked Sat 08-Nov-14 09:10:57

Yes I did try it but it is so hard in different lights. They also have a scanner machine at Homebase but ours has been out of order for months... That was why I found Valspar at B&Q.

However, as I have found from painting my door frames, I need quick dry as can't wait for 16 hours+ for the paint to dry on the doors. More problems (no wonder I keep putting it off!)

Thanks for your advice PigletJohn. I always appreciate it smile

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