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Cost of shared chimney repair?

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leeloo1 Thu 06-Nov-14 11:24:36

Our neighbours (owners of btl house) have been complaining of damp/condensation to waist height downstairs for ages. They've had it damp proofed, checked drains etc & we're all mystified as we have no pipework etc on that side of the house either.

But, we had our roof looked at & a few slates replaced etc and the roofer told us that the back chimneys badly need taking down and rebuilding and he's surprised we haven't noticed any leaking.

When we went into the attic, the back chimney comes down into our attic and then goes next door into the neighbours' house (there's another chimney a few metres back that comes down into our house and this chimney breast runs through our house...

Anyway (if you're following this), I'm guessing that its a possibility that the chimney could be causing the damp in the neighbours' house?

The roof is very difficult to access - with no side/back access and its a very high roof, it'd need scaffolding and a few days work to rebuild. So an expensive and annoying job. But, if we go ahead with it, are the neighbours liable to share the costs or is it solely our responsibility as its on our roof?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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