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what sort of tiles are people putting in bathrooms these days?

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TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Wed 05-Nov-14 21:14:31

Our bathroom was last tiled over 15 years ago & they have dated terribly (flat surface, with printed stripes, oh dear) so I want something a bit more timeless if poss. Suite will be white; I quite like plain white with a narrow patterned border but is that old hat now?

Also we will be having new flooring - are tiles, laminate or vinyl easier to live with?

All suggestions gratefully received - links to examples would be lovely smile


FantasticMrsFoxx Thu 06-Nov-14 18:24:32

I inherited a bathroom with grey and pink striped tiles, tiled OVER grey tiles with a blue flower pattern. Nothing can be worse than that!!
Unless you are planning to sell soon, go with what you personally like.
I don't think plain white with a border is 'unfashionable'. It's what we are planning to do anyway.
I think if you keep the border and floor colour fairly neutral you can change/update the colour on any painted walls, and match in coloured accessories, if you feel that way inclined.
Again, personal preference but we are going for vinyl flooring. Go for a nice thick cushion one (eg: rhino floors).
Don't install laminate. Water will seep through eventually and the boards will warp.
I find floor tiles cold / slippery so it depends if you're going for underfloor heating.
Do you have little ones? Heads bounce better off vinyl, but arguably 'accidents' are easier to mop up from ceramics.
Houzz is the go to site for pictures. I don't find the rooms that realistic (we have a small 30s bungalow) but they will give you inspiration and ideas.

TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Thu 06-Nov-14 20:56:51

oooh, thank you, MrsFoxx, that's all really helpful

White tiles plus narrow border sounds like a good way to go then.

No small children here - my biggest problem is adult males who can't aim for toffee hmm. Wall-hung loos is another thing I'm confused about - I love the idea from a hygiene POV but how secure are they with huge clumsy men flinging themselves down occasionally? (I've already had an undelicate armchair crushed that way)

No underfloor heating so cushionfloor sounds lovely. The plumber said that if we want tiles/laminate it really needs to be laid before fixtures but that sheet vinyl can wait until after; I need to organise some carpeting & other flooring for 3elsewhere in the house so a trip to that supplier would probably help concentrate my mind

thanks again thanks

MrsJamin Fri 07-Nov-14 06:53:07

Just redoing our bathroom, I went for some of the cheapest tiles, a white subway/metro tile with dark grey grout, it looks fab. These pictures inspired me We have dark grey floor tiles and light grey paint. You can always change towels and accessories to inject colour and visual interest, I think.

Carrierpenguin Fri 07-Nov-14 19:14:18

I love marble, a cream or cappuccino colour. You can get a row of mosaics to go part way up the wall, it looks beautiful with a white suite though and you can use the same tiles on wall and floor if you like.

CookieDoughKid Fri 07-Nov-14 20:21:51

I highly recommend the coloured flooring company for vinyl. It's very hard wearing but warm underfoot and it doesn't easily dent either!! Great colours offered too. So easy to clean. No regrets at all.

Viviennemary Fri 07-Nov-14 20:25:45

Somebody I know was told tiles were out and this new plastic stuff was 'the way to go'. (Quote!) Not sure how true that is.

MollyBdenum Fri 07-Nov-14 20:35:25

If I were doing my bathroom, I would get plain white tiles with a tile mural from surface view. I'm on my phone so I can't do a link, but here:

MollyBdenum Fri 07-Nov-14 20:35:47

Ooh, the link worked!

WetAugust Sun 09-Nov-14 23:50:57

I went for large size pure white tiles with white suite. No borders. Looks very clinical but very clean and fresh.

We have just done ours in metro tiles, sage to one third height, white above, medium grey grout.
Metro tiles are all over the place now - possibly almost a bit passe, but it took us so long to get round to putting our plan into action!

Oh and a tip about flooring. Non slip vinyl gets filthy as the dirt gets stuck. You have to scrub it. So if you get that go for a dark colour! grin

peachweave Mon 10-Nov-14 17:18:05

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Yonkersdoodle Tue 11-Nov-14 11:48:52

I went for biggest white rectangular tiles, with two single lines of green glass metro tiles, with white sealed grout. Looks quite Art Deco and clean and fresh.

Yonkersdoodle Tue 11-Nov-14 11:49:10

Dur. biggish, not biggest.

SquinkiesRule Tue 11-Nov-14 13:04:49

We just bought cappuccino coloured rectangular tiles, Dh will be putting into our tiny en suite, he's using a darker grout. The floor will be a similar colour in large square tiles.

minipie Tue 11-Nov-14 16:12:25

We're redoing a bathroom at the moment and we're putting these on the walls and these on the floor.

So the floor tiles are very large 45x90, and look a little bit like painted/distressed floorboards (but not with strong floorboard lines). The wall tiles are 30x60 and are slightly off white.

There are lots of mid grey tiles around (a cementy sort of look) but I find them a bit depressing and think the look will date. Though would probably be fine for the floor if you went for something else on the walls.

Marble or natural stone is beautiful but I will never use it again in a bathroom - if water gets behind the tile it will flake and spall and you will need to replace the tile (total pain especially as getting a match is very hard). Voice of bitter experience.

Don't do a white bathroom floor unless you want to clean it every 30 minutes.

If you use white or off white wall tiles and only tile the essential bits, you can then paint the rest of the walls in a lovely colour and this can be changed easily to keep up with fashions. In other words, get colour into the room using paint/accessories, not tiles.

Tiles will last better (as long as your builders properly prep the surface and ensure it's level and solid) and are very easy to keep clean (as long as you go with grey not white grout) but they are chilly without u/floor heating.

Bigger tiles = less grout = less to get grubby.

Wall hung loo should be fine with even the heaviest/clumsiest person as long as you buy a proper metal frame to attach it to (Grohe or Geberit do them).

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