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Building an annexe or small house in garden - London

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lovemakespeace Wed 05-Nov-14 14:48:59

I probably dont have enough information at this stage but just wondering if anyone who knows about planning has any general advice:

We are considering buying a house in South West London. It is a 3 bed (which we would hope to do loft/rear extension with). It's end of terrace. There is a decent chunk of garden immediately behind and then to the side of the property a 12m x 12m chunk of land. A garage used to be here. There is also parking in front of the main house on the drive. There are gates onto this side portion of land (in front of where garage used to be).

We would be making this move with my brother, and would be wanting to build him some accommodation on this side portion of land. Either a granny annexe, or ideally a dwelling that would become separate in its own right from the main house.

That's about all the information I have at this stage. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether it sounds remotely possible and factors we should take ito consideration?

Thanks so much in advance smile

GeorgieB89 Wed 05-Nov-14 18:00:01

Our council in SW London offers free 15 minute pre-planning advice. Have a look and see if yours does, too - I got an appointment the next day. Bring the agent's details and ask their opinion - it will be informal and it doesn't guarantee planning will be granted but it should give you an idea of whether it's worth applying.

cavkc Wed 05-Nov-14 18:02:30

You can also look at the councils Planning Dept online and see what they have turned down / approved

Might help a little

lovemakespeace Wed 05-Nov-14 19:36:37

Thanks guys - our council seems to make you pay an extorionate amount for pre planning advice!! Will see if I can find any previously approved similar schemes though smile

pinkdelight Wed 05-Nov-14 22:51:46

On the road I lived on c4 years ago in sw16, someone built an extra terrace house next to the existing end terrace. When they started work it didn't look like their side garden could take the footprint of a whole extra house but it did and both houses still have reasonable gardens. I think there was a lot of unanticipated costs around pipes, drains etc but sure they'll have made their money back many times over. It was tastefully done too. You wouldn't know it wasn't part of the original row.

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