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Bathroom steam/dehumidifier?

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MsFrazzles Wed 05-Nov-14 11:32:37

We recently moved into a 12-year old terraced house. Our en-suite bathroom has no window (it's in middle of the house). It has a crappy extractor fan which we always have on when showering (and for ages afterwards) but it's pretty feeble.

The bathroom gets so steamy when we shower. I know you're supposed to keep the door shut when the extractor's on, but it gets less steamy if we leave the door open and the bedroom window open. But now it's too cold to have the bedroom window open when showering as it's freezing!

I'm worried about the bathroom getting damp and mouldy as it does seem to smell a bit fusty and there are slightly mouldy skirting boards/grouting.

Thought about getting a dehumidifer to run while/after showering, but if these too work best with the door shut, how could we do that when there's no plug in the bathroom?

Any ideas, wise MNers?

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