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What next after survey report?

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Juno213 Tue 04-Nov-14 18:58:34

We have the results of our survey. It has come back that it needs urgent rewiring and there are signs or damp ingress. The surveyor seems to think that this is from the roof having no sarking felt and needing new flashings. She has said that the roof need complete overhaul. We are buying a house that is 90 years old so obviously knew that it would need a degree of work but re-roofing the whole roof was not what I expected to have to do straight away and in my opinion is not reflected in the price. I still want the house so what do I do next? Get a roofer and electrician to come and look and give quotes before exchange? Then is it usual to ask for this to be taken off of the purchase price. I hate the idea of asking for money off but I need to start thinking of it more as a business deal and not a personal thing against the vendor. And as a nieve ftb, do I ring up a contractor and then arrange them to visit through the ea?

dietstartsmonday Tue 04-Nov-14 20:04:09

yes I would get them to give you a good idea of cost and then negotiate if it's not reflected in the price.

bilbodog Fri 07-Nov-14 14:15:36

I work in estate agency. I would suggest you get a roofer to look at the roof and advise. Our last house had original roof and no felting but apart from the odd tile slipage, was not a problem. Get the electrics checked. These things may need doing in time but not necessarily straight away - survey reports often do make it sound like a house is about to fall down if you don't tackle things straight away. On the other hand, if the roofer and electrician think you need to do the work asap then you should be able to negotiate the price. Get it looked at first and then speak to the agent. Good luck.

specialsubject Fri 07-Nov-14 17:09:58

it IS a business deal.

you get an idea of cost and reduce your offer. They take it or leave it. And yes, arrange visits via the agent.

specialsubject Fri 07-Nov-14 17:13:34

also there are electrics and electrics - better to have breakers than a fuse box but that doesn't mean a fuse box is dangerous. BUT tatty wiring, cracked sockets etc - bad.

a little story; bought a house with no electrical problems flagged up. Light bulb not working in one ceiling fitting. Couldn't get it out. Eventually had to remove fitting. Discovered singed wiring above because some muppet had put 2 x 100W bulbs in the (enclosed) fitting, grossly overheating it. How they hadn't had a fire is beyond me.

wiring replaced, new fitting, sorted.

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