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Basement extension in London - experiences?

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sparechange Fri 31-Oct-14 14:51:47

DH and I are considering getting a basement extension done. House is a traditional Victorian mid-terrace, which has been extended into the loft and side return, so no where else to go!
The company has said we can add 650sq ft. To buy a house that much bigger than our current one would cost about three times the cost of the extension, so it would be our only way to get more space and stay in our area (which we love).
However, I'm concerned about the levels of disruption to us and also our neighbours, who we get on very well with.

We've been told the dig will take around 16 weeks, and that we can stay living in the house for the whole time.
Has anyone else had one done? Is this correct? The company have come recommended by some friends, who didn't fall out with their neighbours when having the work done, but our NDN works from home occasionally, has a dog and is very house proud, so noise and muddy pavements will probably drive her insane!

Any stories and experiences would be very welcome!

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