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Stainless steel worktop?

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lalalonglegs Wed 29-Oct-14 19:12:48

Has anyone got one - I am too cowardly to approach a manufacturer until I have some idea of the price, would anyone care to let me know <prepares to fall off sofa>?

MaryShelley Wed 29-Oct-14 19:28:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaryShelley Wed 29-Oct-14 19:30:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MillyMollyMama Wed 29-Oct-14 19:40:19

Will scratch! Ok in a restaurant kitchen where it is for work only, but in my home - no! Never. Granite much more appealing.

ixos Wed 29-Oct-14 20:39:12

I got a price for a 3.5 m x 1.6 m L - shaped one with integral sink from a place in Tring. £5000 ish. Fainted. Moved on.

lalalonglegs Wed 29-Oct-14 22:36:12

£5000! <picks self up>

I saw that link as well but wasn't sure how accurate it was ("prices from £270 per metre"... it leaves a lot of room for the cost to go up). I don't mind the scratching (I will refer to it as a patina wink).

Tyranasaurus Thu 30-Oct-14 06:53:45

I have one, just over 2m, with an integrated sink, it's discontinued now, but was about £500. Yes it scratches- but you just call it patina smile

zoemaguire Thu 30-Oct-14 06:57:49

We got a piece with integrated sink, about 1.2m. Was about 750 quid. Worth every penny, it's great - wood worktops in rest of kitchen, but no worries about water and black mouldy wood around the sink!

lalalonglegs Thu 30-Oct-14 18:18:29

Just got a quote for less than a grand for a 4.5m stretch including holes cut for sink and hob and installation. I think I'm going to go ahead.

sacbina Thu 30-Oct-14 18:37:07

where from?????? if you don't mind me asking

lalalonglegs Thu 30-Oct-14 23:46:04

I know - it sounds a bit too good, doesn't it. It's a company called John Porter.

sacbina Fri 31-Oct-14 08:34:08

just come across that company from another thread for black laminate, didn't see the stainless.
does that price include fitting or is it an independent unit? sorry for all the questions!

lalalonglegs Fri 31-Oct-14 11:51:02

Includes fitting but not templating.

sacbina Fri 31-Oct-14 14:03:04

if you're doing it in the near future would love to know how you get on and what it's like.

lalalonglegs Fri 31-Oct-14 14:30:37

I'll let you know. They have just said that there will have to be a join in the worktop so I am trying to find out how visible that will be. If it's not really noticeable then I'll definitely go ahead in the next couple of weeks.

sacbina Fri 31-Oct-14 20:27:16

thanks lala. fingers crossed it looks good.

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