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Hurst Green - opinions!

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nicholat Wed 29-Oct-14 17:33:49


Can anybody tell me about hurst Green for our house hunt? I don't know the area at all!

Does it have a friendly community feel?
Can anyone recommend a nursery?
What is the commute like to London? Is it standing all the way?

Any info would be much appreciated!!


Nattynar Wed 29-Oct-14 17:47:54

The one in Surrey or Sussex?

nicholat Wed 29-Oct-14 17:50:46

Surrey, sorry ��

7to25 Wed 29-Oct-14 17:52:12

Or Lancashire?

Nattynar Wed 29-Oct-14 18:00:37

I can't really comment about community feel or recommend a nursery. I think you would possibly get a seat dependent on the time. I know that from Sevenoaks you will probably be standing the whole way to London Bridge for the whole week.

What I will say is that you are paying a premium for living in Hurst Green due to it's proximity to Oxted which is pricey. And also be aware there was some flooding in that area last winter, so I would check that out when selecting a property.

nicholat Wed 29-Oct-14 18:06:13

Thanks Nattynar. I will deff take a look at that.

nicholat Wed 29-Oct-14 21:41:31

The house is not in a flood zone but still not sure if it's the best part if town.

Nattynar Fri 31-Oct-14 12:40:24

I can't really comment on which areas are good or not, as I don't know it that well. We went and did a drive around some of the houses we liked, and we were put off by the large estate feeling of Hurst Green with no high street as such. Admittedly there are some beautiful properties there, but were out of our price range.

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