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Moving/swapping house

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AnnabellesMumXx Mon 27-Oct-14 10:43:52

Hello all! I am a regular on MN but I can honestly say I've never been through a move before. DP and i accumulated furniture once we were in this house.
Now we are moving house, a short distance but on the same day the occupant of the house we are going into is moving into our current home, complicated! I really want the day to run smoothly so I guess what I'm asking is if anyone has any moving tips? Oh and we have a toddler dd too - to make things more interesting wink

wowfudge Mon 27-Oct-14 12:43:49

Can someone mind your DD for the day? That will free you up to deal with the move without having to tend to her, plus she doesn't have the disruption of the move unsettling her.

If possible it might be worth using the same removal firm to co-ordinate things. If you have the budget, I would pay for the removal firm to do the packing - they'll come in the day before the move to do the bulk of it.

If you have the removal firm do the packing, have an area set aside for things you are keeping with you and taking in the car so you don't end up with essentials packed away and you can't find them. Things like: bedding, kettle, tea, coffee, milk, documents, a change of clothes, towels and cleaning materials.

Make sure both houses are packed up by 12 noon, exchange keys, drive to the new places and unpack.

Ime, people doing their own moves vastly underestimate how long it is going to take them and are far less experienced at dismantling furniture to go in the van then putting it back together in the new place, which is one of the reasons it takes them longer. They also tend to make boxes too heavy, which makes moving them much more awkward.

Declutter as much as possible now. Hire a skip if necessary - it means you don't have to make multiple trips to the tip, etc.

AnnabellesMumXx Thu 30-Oct-14 14:47:40

Thanks so much yes I'll get someone to look after my little un! I'm just so nervous about the whole thing, particularly any oversights!

wowfudge Thu 30-Oct-14 15:07:07

A couple of other things: make a list now of all the people/companies, etc you'll need to advise of your change of address. Take meter readings before you drive away - often easier to take a photo with your phone and it will record the meter no. too.

Label the boxes with where there will go in the new house if you can. I had sheets of labels for each room and slapped them on the boxes as they were packed. Equally, make sure it's clear to the removal men which room is which at the other end - stick a label on the door/on the architrave above the door if needs be.

wowfudge Thu 30-Oct-14 15:10:38

Oh, and there will always be something you've forgotten about/think you could have done better or differently, so don't stress about it all too much.

AnnabellesMumXx Fri 31-Oct-14 00:56:11

Ahh thanks so much that is really really helpful you are so kind to take the time to send me tips!
The meter idea is genius I didn't think of that! Xx

Apatite1 Sat 01-Nov-14 00:06:04

If you can, snap a photo on your phone of each box before you close it. Then number your boxes. You'll have a very good idea of what's in each box at your new home, and unpack slowly. Take a bag of the essentials you'll need for the next 24 hours separately: pyjamas, toothbrush, your favourite pillow, underwear etc just like you're going away for a couple of nights. This will mean you're not opening every box at the other end when you're exhausted and want to sleep!

AnnabellesMumXx Sun 02-Nov-14 23:28:16

Thanks that's A great idea x

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