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Best cheap way to make house more desirable to potential buyers?

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carriewintermeadow Mon 27-Oct-14 00:21:27

Our house is on the market, we need to sell for financial reasons.

unfortunately it's a bit tired, some cracks, grubby marks, dirty old carpet. However, the colours are neutral. We have no money at all, so can't decorate or put down new carpets.

What I can do is clean carpets, use polyfilla on cracks, touch up paint etc. What would you think?

We've had 4 viewings, the feedback was from one couple that it was too expensive (we were happy to accept lower offers, but council tax was too high for them), another two couples have said they would need to make changes but didn't state what or try to negotiate, the last viewers have no reason.

I will try and post a link to Rightmove.

In the meantime, would you be happy to take into account the fact it needs a coat of paint and new carpets if we said we were happy to look at offers below asking price? We have already reduced by £10k already.

We're in Yorkshire by the way.

carriewintermeadow Mon 27-Oct-14 00:24:07

Here's the link

Sorry, I'm on my phone, so can't pay clicky link.

Raeray Mon 27-Oct-14 00:41:28

I love it- I was really expecting a tired old place and was surprised to see how lovely it is!

It's a nice neutral canvas for people to add their own stamp.

Only thing I could notice (but such a tiny thing It may not matter) is whether a plain/lighter coloured shower curtain and toilet seat may enhance the bathroom?

I couldn't see any tired looking carpets from the pictures - but obviously you live there and know their real condition. Could you borrow or rent a carpet cleaner, they're ace. A friend really brightened up 20+year old carpets with a little vax.

I would buy your house if it was nearer me! grin
Good luck!

carriewintermeadow Mon 27-Oct-14 00:48:34

Thank you smile I think it looks great in the photos, but close up the carpet is 9 years old, and was cheap in the first place. Also I think people are put off that the houses are close together.

I'm going to put some effort into cleaning the carpets this week.

holidaysarenice Mon 27-Oct-14 00:51:10

Can you walk down your hall into your kitchen? Both your floor plan and room descriptions make it sound unlikely, the bit about kitchen and stairs.

That would put me off coming to view. So if you can it's worth getting that changed.

carriewintermeadow Mon 27-Oct-14 00:55:53

No, you can't. The door off the hall goes into the living room.

Unfortunately we have no money available to do any work to the property.

Coolas Mon 27-Oct-14 01:06:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

carriewintermeadow Mon 27-Oct-14 01:08:59

Sorry, I didn't explain that well blush

The hall is just as wide as the stairs. In order to be able to access the kitchen from the hall, you would have to move the living room wall over by a metre approx. That would be too expensive for us, but you would also lose a chunk of living room.

carriewintermeadow Mon 27-Oct-14 01:10:07

Thanks, I never thought about that. I would have thought just a sofa looks a bit empty on its own though?

holidaysarenice Mon 27-Oct-14 01:14:01

Is there space for a door or just the stairs taking up the whole hall? Even if the floor plan could show that?

At the moment it looks like I would walk in the front door to a set of stairs and nothing else? Like the hall is only as wise as the staircase and only a few feet long?

That might be the way it is and then to there is nothin you can do, but if not it's a free thing to change?

I also thought the house looked fine, if the carpets are dirty a vax will work wonders.

carriewintermeadow Mon 27-Oct-14 01:16:55

Yes, that's how it is .. the hall is as wide as the stairs. The door to the living room goes off the hall on the left as you come through the front door.

holidaysarenice Mon 27-Oct-14 01:18:09

Cross post I've just seen your update.
That would probably put me off, I know it's not what you want too hear.

I think your photos are taken well, minimal clutter etc.
Would agree with changing the bathroom curtain. It looks a bit plasticky. Maybe some nice towels when they visit and a warm but neutral bathmat. If I'm really picky clean the skirting behind the sink. My phone zoomed in and it looks dirty.

carriewintermeadow Mon 27-Oct-14 01:26:09

Thank you .. picky is what I want! wink

I'll look at the skirting board - tbh I think it's because the paint is coming off, rather than dirt, I'll see what I can do.

I have a plain light blue bath mat and I will put a plain white loo seat on. Can't afford to replace the lino though sad What sort of shower curtain would you think would be best? I'd prefer a screen, but again can't afford sad

LuisCarol Mon 27-Oct-14 02:08:09

Bake some bread just before they come round.

MerryMarigold Mon 27-Oct-14 02:26:56

It looked nice to me but possibly a bit too bare, not homely enough. How about some flowers/ plants? Doesn't need to be cluttered, but there was a bit of a student feel to the place.

carriewintermeadow Mon 27-Oct-14 02:31:40

Thanks smile I hadn't thought about flowers. We don't have plants because the cats dig in them blush

carriewintermeadow Mon 27-Oct-14 02:32:39

I don't have a bread machine, but I do have an aroma stone which I use with essential oils.

Quodlibet Mon 27-Oct-14 03:00:04

If the estate agent will retake some pics, then get one of your garden where it isn't 50% shade. And remove the row of empty pots in the garden foreground. You've got a lot of potential in your garden which isn't coming across as well as it could.

Other than that I think you're presenting the house well. It won't be the right house for everyone, and if our experience of buying is anything to go by, not all viewings will actually be by properly interested people (I can't tell you the number of times we arranged to look at one place and the agent also managed to drive us round 3 or 4 others that were a long way off our ideal, presumably on the off chance and also to clock up viewings to keep vendors happy) so don't take 4 viewings and no offers to heart. And keep a dialogue going with your agent so that they are definitely representing to buyers the price that is realistically going to sell the house.

Chottie Mon 27-Oct-14 03:05:44

Hello, I would agree with moving the armchair and the comments about the bathroom. The house does look like a neutral palette and easy to move into.

In all the house doctor problems I've watched Anne is always going on about selling the life style. In the garden I would move that row of pots along the terrace edge (if they are empty, can they be stored somewhere, or if they have plants in, I would group them). Do you have garden furniture on the terrace, can vendors imagine themselves sitting there relaxing?

I would tidy the garden, cut the lawn and do the edges, anything that makes a home look low maintenance and easy to live in. Good luck and I hope you get that sale soon.

Riverland Mon 27-Oct-14 04:58:14

I can't c&p on my device..can someone make a clicky link please?

Iamaslummymummy Mon 27-Oct-14 05:13:41

Riverland Mon 27-Oct-14 05:30:40

Thank you iama

I agree with everyone, it's a lovely house. I don't think you need to do anything, really other than wait for the right buyers. The shower curtain and loo seat wont effect a decision to purchase.

Looking for a margin for improvement for you I'd venture to say the dining room looks to be a tight squeeze and a little bit stark.It would look good I think if possible, if you put a table cloth on and some table furniture, like a vase of flowers in the centrepiece. Again, this won't actually sell your house, but is just a little thing to make the room look more welcoming and have a focal point. Maybe a book on the table or a bowl of fruit.

ChishandFips33 Mon 27-Oct-14 06:49:19

If you removed your coffee table and the small table beside the fireplace would your arm chair turn more on an angle to face the couch and free up the entry to the dining room (rather than remove it)

Would the poang go in a bedroom (without making bedroom cramped) and free the dining space up

Agree with a plant/flowers and remove pots from the terrace/take out/cut back dead and wilted garden plants

Do you have friends who would lend you their patio furniture and a colourful parasol?

Other than that it's lovely and airy and no, dated paint etc wouldn't put me off as long as its been well maintained as I'd want to put my mark on it anyway

What made you buy it - can that be conveyed to the viewers?

carriewintermeadow Mon 27-Oct-14 09:46:01

Thanks for the comments.

The photos were taken in spring, since we've put out the garden furniture and there are plants in the pots.

The poang chair could potential go in my daughter's bedroom. Not sure about the armchair, one of the main problems in the living room is that doorway making it difficult to place furniture. I could put the armchair in bay window, but don't think it will be an improvement.

VacantExpression Mon 27-Oct-14 10:27:27

I think your house is really nice :-) The right buyers might be just round the corner, I hope x

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