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Dream house has come up for sale!!

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specialone Sat 25-Oct-14 23:42:25

My dream house has come up for sale. Been to see it and am seriously in love. We are in a good position as ours is under offer etc

Only problem is that DH is away with work (abroad) for another 2.5 weeks.
I've sent him the details and he wants to view before making an offer. Argh.

House is beyond stunning. It's even been in an interiors magazine. I think they've had lots of viewings and I think it will sell quickly.

I am literally beside myself. What do I do?? Do I talk to agent and explain about DH and that if he likes it then we will be offering?
I've tried to persuade DH but he doesn't feel ok with offering until he has seen it.

Any advice please??

FacebookFriend Sat 25-Oct-14 23:49:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HerRoyalNotness Sat 25-Oct-14 23:54:04

I agree, make the offer, you can always pull out if he hates it in the flesh.

I just bought our house without DH setting foot in it, thankfully he loved it!

specialone Sat 25-Oct-14 23:56:57

Argh. I so want to but DH is insisting I dont.

In London so no offer wouldn't be binding. But I would have to instruct solicitors which I cannot do unless DH is willing. (Weeps)

Or am I just mad? Have a lost my head and my heart? So confused.

House btw

Do you think it will sell quickly?
Photos don't do it justice at all btw. Far more amazing IRL. Proportions are hotel like. Very grand. And every room has a unique feature. To me it's a once in a life time. But I'm quite an emotional person whereas DH is more practical and doesn't easily get carried away.

sandgrown Sun 26-Oct-14 00:03:11

What a fab house.go for it!

letsplaynice Sun 26-Oct-14 00:05:20

Bloody hell!! That house is amazing!!

specialone Sun 26-Oct-14 00:06:49

How do I sell this making an offer before viewing to DH?

The owners have had plans drawn up for a basement extension. I've emailed those to DH along with every bit of info I can find.

He still wants to wait.

Any ideas on how to convince him??

lazydog Sun 26-Oct-14 00:09:45

Wow! Someone made a killing!! Bought the whole place for half what it's on for now and split it into one 4bed home and some flats - is that right? envy


MrsHoolie Sun 26-Oct-14 00:10:27

I'm not sure you can convince him by the sounds of it.
Things have slowed down slightly over recent weeks with the market so that is in your favour.
Are you in a good position (sold your place etc)?

CurlyWurlyCake Sun 26-Oct-14 00:11:27

Who's paying for it, is it a joint purchase?

Sorry but I think you need to wait for your husband to view it.

I have looked at the pictures and it is lovely but does need a lot of work money

FacebookFriend Sun 26-Oct-14 00:14:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

specialone Sun 26-Oct-14 00:16:21

Argh. Mrshoolie I know. DH is seriously overthinking it.

Ours is under offer and literally about to exchange. So we actually need to get a move on to find somewhere. Don't want to go to rented.

Lazy dog. I don't know the full story but I do know it was a total wreck before.

I actually spoke to one of the neighbours after the viewings. She was lovely too.
She told me it had been empty for several years and riddled with damp and rot and she was very pleased it was now much improved. Obv not nice to live near an empty old house.

Can't sleep for thinking of it.

TeaAndALemonTart Sun 26-Oct-14 00:17:50

I'm not sure it will sell quickly because it's quite unusual and won't be everyone's cup of tea.

I like it though, go make an offer.

specialone Sun 26-Oct-14 00:18:30

Curley. It's immaculate! Everything is fully done and brand new. Even the leaded windows have been redone. And yes joint purchase so need to wait or convince DH.

Facebookfriend. What about DH??

GoofyIsACow Sun 26-Oct-14 00:19:22

shock Glad I live up north... 1.9million!!!

However, that said... Make the offer, it's frikkin amazing!!

specialone Sun 26-Oct-14 00:19:44

Teaandlemontart. ��. That's what I like to hear. Perhaps I will be the only one who loves. (Wishes)

Riverland Sun 26-Oct-14 00:20:26

What reservations does your husband have? He evidently isn't enthused.

KlokkenVin Sun 26-Oct-14 00:21:01

wow, who'd have that much money? Very few people.
I think there's a good chance it'll still be on the market in two weeks.

specialone Sun 26-Oct-14 00:24:19

Riverland. DH hasn't liked anything we've been to see. He actually said he likes this one though although the issue of him being away for the next two weeks.

Klokken. Most of the other houses we've seen have been more money for similar space. London even the burbs are so expensive. We're currently closer to Central London and our house is literally half the size of this one but actually more money.

snice Sun 26-Oct-14 00:25:35

Pic 7: wall looks just like a face looking at you in bed!

specialone Sun 26-Oct-14 00:26:55

Didn't notice that. smile

YonicScrewdriver Sun 26-Oct-14 00:31:39

Can you make an offer you think they won't accept?

specialone Sun 26-Oct-14 00:35:11

Yoni. What do you mean??

Desertrunner Sun 26-Oct-14 00:35:44

Ok, I'll be the voice of reason for you.
From a quick glance the garden is east facing - not ideal.
I assume your access is private and not shared with the adjoining flats? It sounds like the other half of the building is flats? Again, is this ideal? Noise? Disruption? Joint roof obligations?
Check out the neighbours. Carefully.
Check out the history of the building
Check out the standard of building work and all certificates in place

I can see why you love it, but having made (bad) snap decisions on property myself in the past I would have to advise taking a deep breath, another viewing, research and more research before jumping in. Especially if DH not on board yet.
Sorry to be a kill joy. Just had my fingers burnt in the past with a horrific experience in a huge old pile which we thought was our dream home and now a lot more cautious.
But hope it works out for you either way smile

Riverland Sun 26-Oct-14 00:37:05

I don't think it will be snapped up within a fortnigh.

I'd do a Skype video call with DH, on a visit to the house. See if he likes it.

If he does, communicate this to the agents.

Ask DH for great clarity: what are you looking for that might deter us from making an offer on this house? What precisely would put you off?

Sounds like he may be ambivalent about moving at all?

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