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Moving to Hastings

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zigzag123 Tue 14-Oct-14 11:19:06

Hi there. Considering a move to Hastings (from south London) - have spotted a couple of older threads but was hoping for some up-to-date advice.

Please could anyone in the know - particularly those who have done a similar move recently - give me some idea of the area. E.g. which are the 'nicer' roads etc. We have two kids under 5, so primaries are a consideration

Been looking at St Helens Rd and around that area.

I hear quite mixed things - from it's totally horrible to it's a laid back lovely family place. I presume it is somewhere in the middle!

loraflora Tue 14-Oct-14 14:52:41

I lived in the Old Town for a while and still miss it (apart from being windswept all the time in the winter.) I found it laid back and people generally friendly. Don't know about schools.

I'd only say reconsider if you're contemplating a long commute and haven't tried that before. We moved away because we hated the commute, and were travelling to North Kent, not central London.

loraflora Tue 14-Oct-14 14:53:55

I should add that is not up to date advice - have been back in London some 15 years - but we have visited and get the impression some things have improved.

zigzag123 Wed 15-Oct-14 12:38:36

Thanks loraflora - thinking of only commuting 2 days a week, so possibly a bit more manageable, but it is a concern still. Just looking for somewhere we can afford to buy a house!

dadplayspiano Tue 04-Nov-14 12:18:44


We moved down to Hastings, to St Helens Road, 3 years ago, attracted by the vibrancy of the town and the exciting changes that it is going through. We are also a young family, having had babies in that time. It has been brilliant fun, and fascinating to watch the town change seemingly so rapidly in the time that we've been here. To watch houses/streets being done up, and to meet so many fellow newcomers to the town, all sharing their experiences, and all so passionate about the town and its future!

I love this bit of town! I've written at length and quite passionately before about the wonderland that is Alexandra Park - it is a vast, varied, utterly beautiful and magical place - truly one of the best urban parks I have ever explored. As is St Helens Woods, a small leapfrog away. It is obviously an excellent area for the kids! Alexandra Park itself is listed by English Heritage, and most of the surrounding streets are conservation areas. It is wonderful to see so many of these buildings finally being lovingly restored and appreciated!

In terms of its position in town, it is smack bang in the middle - by foot: 5mins to the town centre, 12mins over the East Hill to the Old Town, and 22mins to St Leonards (fast becoming one of my favourite parts of town, with all the excellent galleries, cafes, and quirky independent shops continually opening up there!) Although St Leonards and in particular, the Old Town probably grab the most attention, the town centre really intrigues me! Architecturally, at its very centre, the bones of the place are beautiful, especially Trinity Triangle, and many of the views it opens up, like the one towards the castle ruins on the East Hill from Robertson Street. Exploration of the area will reveal many quirky shops and cafes that have opened up in the last few years. It is bubbling with excitement! I can't wait to see what the completion of the restoration of the pier will bring to this bit of town, being so close!

I think I often sound so enthusiastic about the town that I'm in danger of sounding like I'm being paid to advertise it or something! But in truth, I find it really difficult not to sound like this! Two couples-friends (if that makes sense) have actually moved down here after visiting and being seduced by the place! One couple on a temporary rent basis while they try out the commute to London.

It is an addictive place, and you very quickly fall in love with its totally unique vibrancies and charms!

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