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Warmfront technology (Rayburn and Redfyre)

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toadhillflax Mon 13-Oct-14 16:50:49

Thinking of replacing our oil-fired Rayburn.

Does anyone have an electric range with warmfront technology? The Rayburn electric and Redfyre electric (both of which are essentially normal electric ovens/hobs in a range body) have it. The warmfront heats up the front of the range to mimic the 'Aga love' you get from a heat-storage range, but apparently costs just pennies a day to run. But how warm does it get, and do you really feel the Aga love?

mothermirth Tue 14-Oct-14 08:11:16

Bumping as I'd love to know the answer to this too smile

toadhillflax Tue 14-Oct-14 21:22:14

Ah, I thought you'd be someone with the answer! Well, some point in the next few weeks I'll be going to a Rayburn showroom which has the electric so I'll be sure to report back. Still, hoping someone might be able help in the meanwhile!

mothermirth Wed 15-Oct-14 20:50:30

Come on warmfront experts! Where are you?

pixiepoo99 Wed 15-Oct-14 21:24:00


Sorry that i am also a poster without the answer, but i am seeking the same information.

I have absoultely fallen in love with the rayburn electric to go in our new Cottage kitchen diner but have failed on every level to find reviews and customer experiences. I normally pore through reviews before buying anything and i think i will be buying this one in the dark (although nervous as it is £££)

The only points that i have found through research are:
The warmfront doesnt heat the room, it just warms up the top/front of the oven (behind the handrail) to a cosy 'warm to touch' temperature. Great for drying out towels and hovering by the oven on a chilly day but not warming the room.

The induction hob is two zone (one under each lid) which means you can only heat two pans at a time. I didnt know this originally so i will be going for the ceramic top, yes not as modern and efficient but i like the idea of being able to heat 4/5 saucepans at a time.

The oven doesnt have a cast iron body like these traditional ovens normally do. It is, as one salesman told me, a normal belling oven inside a traditional looking case. It doesn't put me off one bit but think it is an interesting point.

Salesmen have tried to persuade me to go with an Esse or Everhot (similar idea but they are cast iron and more expensive) but for me the Rayburn is still coming out on top.

I was hoping to order one in the next few weeks, i just so wish i could find someone who has had an experience of them before taking the plunge!

toadhillflax Thu 16-Oct-14 08:17:09

Hi pixiepoo, I hope someone comes along to help us all soon! Are you near a Rayburn stockist? I'm sure you've done this but if you look on 'find a stockist' on their website it lists the nearest stockist and that also tells you what models they have in their showroom. My nearest stockist has a electric, hence I plan to go in and turn on the warmfront! But unfortunately not til the weekend after this one as we are away.

Interesting about the pan induction, I didn't know that. I would prob still go with induction as I don't think I have ever used more than 2 pans at once!

Have you considered Redfyre too? My research has been that it is identical in every way to the Rayburn, except the badge, and choice of colours (and it seems to be a little bit cheaper). Even the user manuals are identical, so I suspect that RedFyre make the electric for Rayburn, who then badge it up.

mothermirth Thu 16-Oct-14 09:29:12

Bumping again for the Rayburny people smile

pixiepoo99 Thu 16-Oct-14 21:07:51

Hi toadhillflax!

We have a stove shop down the road that had a red refyre electric in the showroom which i fell in love with. Been in there a few times and played with the warmfront and the induction etc, although its very hot in there so havent been able to truly test the warmfront. It would be interesting to know your feedback when you visit!!

I called the rayburn customer service line with regards to the induction hob and they didnt really know whether you could put more than one pan on or not, apparently they asked their technician guys too and they werent sure!? Maybe you will find more clarity on it in the shop you visit.

Apparently Reyburn (owned by Aga) bought out Redfyre a couple of years ago and out of all the models they only kept the electric on, but re-badged in Rayburn, and interestingly a whacking great price hike too! I've been trying to find the odd Redfyre still available as they are much cheaper and exactly the same oven

toadhillflax Fri 17-Oct-14 12:44:53

Have to say, of the few Redfyres I've seen for sale on tinternet, price isn't that different to the Rayburn version.

Best price for Rayburn I have found (so far - my internet sleuthing days are not over yet!) is £3999/£4299

pixiepoo99 Fri 17-Oct-14 14:01:20

Hi toadhillflax,

That's exactly where I was going to purchase mine from, it's the only place I can find it at a cheaper price, I'm hopefully going to be buying a log burner from them at the same time.

The redfyres used to retail at around £3600 ish and when aga bought them (and subsequent inflation on prices each year) it is now £4500 in my local Aga store for the induction model.

Oh also something worth noting - I did a lot of ringing around to suppliers all over the place about these ovens a few months ago and quite a few had really brilliant offers on their demonstration model in the showroom (around the £3600 mark) but they only ever had square lids and I was adamant I wanted round lids. Just thought I'd mention it in case you wanted square and I could probably find the places I called and let you know!

toadhillflax Fri 17-Oct-14 18:41:43

Yes, if any of them were Pewter, induction, square lids then I would be interested, thanks!

Hopefully all this thread bumping will bring an owner to the party!

toadhillflax Sat 25-Oct-14 17:44:30

Just to update that I went to our local showroom today and .... they no longer have the electric rayburn on display. Gutted!

PixiePoo, if you are still around, please can you describe how warm the warmfront got when you tested it at the showroom (that is my only remaining concern - we already have a rayburn so know we have the space and love the look, and I'm a rather basic cook so am sure the cooking functions will suit me fine). I realise it doesn't warm the room but does it warm your bum?? How warm to the touch is it, and what part of the stove gets warm - is it just the part around the hand rail or is it all over the front? Any insights you can give will be much appreciated as I think I might have to buy blind.

And another bump for anyone who might have one and can spill the beans!

Peter1234 Wed 29-Oct-14 00:38:33

Why not get a "proper" aga or rayburn, ie one that is on all the time? We got a second hand gas aga for around 1500 £ fitted. It's the best thing we've bought for this house -I know some people say they are inefficient etc but if you have room to fit a standby normal hob and oven for hot summer use the only wastage is heat to your room/ house which you would otherwise be spending on heating with your central heating boiler. We spend around £120 per month all in prorated across the year on electric and gas combined to run a four bed north facing single glazed victorian end terrace at a comfortable temperature which I don't feel is bad at all for the enjoyment and comfort we get from the aga.

pixiepoo99 Fri 31-Oct-14 14:04:24

Hi all,

Sorry for lack of reply, my notifications for this thread must have stopped!

From memory it was lovely and warm to the touch (enough to warm your bum on!) a bit like the heat that comes through the door on a normal oven when it has been cooking for a few hours. I can't quite remember how far down the front it warms up, i think i read somewhere that it is just behind the handrail.

Peter1234, i too would buy an original one but for people like us we are very rural and have no fuel so we only have electric. We may install Oil in 5 years but again that would be very pricey us to run.

pixiepoo99 Tue 11-Nov-14 13:27:22

Hi all

So I visited our local stockist at the weekend, they still had the stove on display but it wasnt plugged in anymore :-(

I really wanted to try out the induction top and the warmfront so unfortunately I am back to square one again. I will try and find another stockist in the area but Im sure the likelihood of finding one on display will be slim.

Be good to know if anyone else has had better luck?

kathyconnor1 Fri 16-Jun-17 11:21:35

Moved house and left behind a redfyre warmfront. Am now looking for another as I'm getting rid of the two oven aga which cooks dreadfully and makes the kitchen feel like a sauna.
The warmfront was fab and really started getting warm the longer you left it on - it only warms up the front face of the cooker and some of the top so it's not a radiant heat but an ambiant heat. You can't dry clothes other than a tea towel or stuff on the rail as the lids don't heat up but it is much more comfortable than the aga to live with and yes you can put more than one medium pan on the induction hob.
All in all it was a winner just need to find another!!!
Hope this helps.

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