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Does anyone have an Esse EL 13 amp?

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Kitsmummy Tue 07-Oct-14 18:50:45

And if so, would you say the running costs (having it on slumber 24 hours a day and around 2 hours per day cooking) are around £12.50 per week as I've been quoted?


ESSE1854 Thu 04-Dec-14 12:27:26

Hi I work for ESSE in Barnoldswick, Lancashire. I can confirm that our EL13amp range cooker costs £7.18 per week to run. We take pride in have a knowledgeable customer service team here, please feel free to get in touch

Churchfarm13 Thu 04-Dec-14 20:42:15

I cannot comment on the running costs of the Esse - that is the least of my problems. My Esse EL13 was delivered in August 2012 and was one of the very first of this new model to be installed. One of the main reasons for buying this cooker was that I was told it did not need external venting, which was essential for the position of the cooker in my kitchen. From the outset I had problems with condensation and rusting. Cooking a roast or casserole would produce pools of water on the rug in the front of the cooker and everything was steamed rather than roasted. I have been battling with the dealers (Carvers of Wolverhampton) and Esse ever since, and the biggest problem is that they kept implying I was the only person having this problem. Eventually they admitted that other people had had similar problems and finally came up with their "solution" which was to install a new top which had a hole in it. This was finally done in August (twelve months after I bought it). It has definitely improved things as far as cooking is concerned, but means now there is a huge plume of steam pouring out of the back of the cooker. So I am now waiting, yet again, for Esse to come up with a solution. Next week they are supposedly going to put a box over the hole which will diffuse the steam, and plan b is to try venting the steam into the chimney behind the cooker. They have agreed that if I am not happy they will remove the cooker and refund my money. This cooker is brilliant, in principle, and does everything I want it to. However, it was released to the public without being properly tested and does not stand up to anything other than heating up pizzas. Anyone wanting to seriously cook on it needs to wait until they have sorted out all the problems.

Kitsmummy Thu 04-Dec-14 20:44:25

Oh jesus, mine's being delivered in two weeks!!!

hornbrood Tue 09-Dec-14 17:54:17

Oh no Churchfarm, you sound like you've had a bit of a nightmare but if its any consolation to either of you I luuuurve mine! I had a few problems with steam too when I first got the cooker but tbh I found that the vent sorted it. I found the aftersales team at Esse brilliant. They were really helpful. I like to think I'm quite a good cook and I have used it for everything. I'm looking forward to putting it through its paces cooking for 13 (unlucky for some) this Christmas. I'm sure you'll love it Kitsmummy and hope that you get to like yours a bit better too Churchfarm!

darciesnan Wed 12-Aug-15 20:03:35

Hi all, i wondered if any one had any updates on there Esse situation? I was going tomorrow to pay my deposit on a Esse EL13 & plus 2 but am now far too nervous to do so. Any input would be much appreciated ��

Stevenevans18 Sat 07-Nov-15 21:07:02

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